2019-2020 Candidate Pool: Media Specialist

Stamford, CT, US
Feb 15, 2019
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    Media Specialist

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    Stamford, CT

  • Date Available:
    2019-2020 School Year

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    This posting is for a candidate pool for anticipated vacancies for Media Specialists for the 2019-2020 school year. Please apply to all candidate pools that you are interested in.

    The filling of this position is based upon continued funding in the Board of Education budget.

    Note: Teachers dually certified in TESOL, Bilingual Education or ESL, with experience in Sheltered Instruction or fluency in a language other than English, will be given preference for all Stamford Public School positions.

    JOB DESCRIPTION - Media Specialist


    The Media Specialist serves as an instructional resource consultant and materials specialist to teachers and students. The Media Specialist assumes responsibility for providing instruction in the use of the media center and its resources that are correlated with the curriculum.

    • Select materials for the media center and its program based on principles outlines in a written selection policy.
    • Make all materials easily accessible to students and teachers through an efficient organizational pattern and a media center circulation policy.
    • Assist teachers and students to produce materials which supplement commercially produced items.
    • Work with teachers in curriculum planning and designing of instructional experiences, using a variety of educational media including film and television.
    • Teach the effective use of educational media.
    • Assist students to develop competency in listening, viewing and reading skills, and guide the development of desirable reading, viewing and listening patterns, attitudes and appreciations.
    • Help students acquire independence in learning, and gain skill in the techniques of inquiry and critical evaluation.
    • Provide teachers with pertinent information regarding students' progress, problems, and achievements, as observed in the media center.
    • Act as a resource person in the classroom when requested by the teacher.
    • Make available to the faculty, through the resources of the professional collection, information about recent developments in curricular subject areas and in the general field of education.
    • Supply information to teachers on available staff development workshops, courses, professional meetings and education resources of the community.

    • A valid Connecticut teacher certificate in 062-School Library Media Specialist.
    • Minimum of three (3) years experience, preferably in media.
    • A thorough knowledge of Education Media methodology and teaching techniques.
    • Demonstrated capacity to work cooperatively with parents, staff, students and supervisors.
    • Effectively organize the media center so that the needs of pupils and teaching of subject matter will be interwoven in the most appropriate manner.
    • Superior communication skills (oral and written).

    Sept. 1991

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