Executive Director Charter School

Ham Lake, Minnesota
Competitive executive salary plus generous benefits
Feb 12, 2019
Job Type

Position Objective:

The individual in this position is responsible for the daily overall management of DaVinci Academy in accordance with the school’s defined mission and vision.  The incumbent will effectively manage all academic, financial, and administrative processes to ensure compliance with state, legislative, and authorizer requirements.  He/she will possess the following proficiencies: superior communication and interpersonal skills; capability to interact effectively with teachers, staff, students and families to consistently deliver an exceptional learning environment, and maintain strong student and staff cultures; and the ability to lead and prioritize projects to make changes, enhancements, or implement new initiatives. 

Primary Responsibilities:

1.   Instruction and Assessment

  • Ensure compliance with all state testing, reporting, and teacher licensure requirements
  • Work with the Academic Director to ensure data driven assessments are effective and the results of those assessments are promptly utilized by teachers to improve student learning
  • Work with the Academic Director to monitor that all students are on track to move to the next grade level and initiate appropriate corrective action when needed to meet that goal
  • Supervise and help coordinate the design and implementation of curriculum, instructional strategies, and teacher support programs to promote student learning and achievement gains
  • Effectively manage other duties and responsibilities that arise in this area

2.   Human Resource and Personnel Management

  • Coordinate regular staff interaction to encourage open communication, maintain high morale, and foster a strong team environment focused on student learning
  • Ensure appropriate staffing and overall compensation programs are maintained for all teachers and support staff
  • Monitor all staffing levels and interact effectively with the school board to implement needed changes
  • Supervise all staff hiring and termination decisions in accordance with school policy
  • Supervise staff training and professional development and ensure the training/development is utilized in the classroom and improves student learning
  • Work with the Director of Teaching and Learning to manage the teacher observation, evaluation, and feedback process to ensure it is functioning effectively and enhancing student learning
  • Effectively manage other duties and responsibilities that arise in this area

3.   Financial Management

  • Effectively manage the annual audit process and provide the school board with the results of the audit, along with recommendations for any needed corrective action
  • Work effectively with the School Board of Directors, the Treasurer, and the Finance Committee to develop an annual budget based on goals and priorities and ensure the school board is provided with accurate financial information needed to prudently manage all fiscal aspects of the school
  • Manage the district to meet established budget goals
  • Manage all fundraising receipts and grant monies received
  • Manage submission of the school’s annual lease aid application to the state
  • Oversee submission of all financial and regulatory reporting mandated by the state and the school’s authorizer
  • Work effectively with the School Development Committee to coordinate fundraising activities and grant applications
  • Work effectively with the school’s financial services provider to ensure the school is receiving the financial information needed to manage the school
  • Effectively manage other duties and responsibilities that arise in this area

4.   Legal and Compliance Management

  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal reporting and statutory/legal compliance reporting
  • Ensure school policies are current, reviewed annually, updated as required, and drafted when new policies are warranted
  • Supervise the annual student lottery, registration and enrollment process
  • Supervise all day-to-day operations of the school
  • Supervise the purchase and inventory of all furniture, equipment, technology, and supplies in accordance with school policies
  • Monitor compliance with the terms of the school’s contract with its authorizer and coordinate contract extension applications with the Authorizer
  • Oversee negotiation and management of all vendor contracts for services or materials provided to the school, as well as recommend new vendors, as appropriate
  • Supervise and guide the master scheduling process
  • Supervise the maintenance and confidentiality of accurate and secure school records
  • Effectively manage other duties and responsibilities that arise in this area 

5.   Effective Communication

  • Coordinate staff and family exit surveys
  • Coordinate the annual Stakeholder Survey and the school’s response to the results of that survey
  • Supervise preparation of the school’s Annual Report
  • Effectively manage other duties and responsibilities that arise in this area 

6.   Board, Authorizer, ABC, and Community Relationships

  • Be recognized as the “face of the school,” always available to staff, students, parents, families, and the general public for any issues that arise
  • Effectively oversee the school’s Affiliated Building Corp. (ABC) and work with the ABC Board of Directors, helping the ABC meet its annual financial reporting requirements
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the school Authorizer and meet all requirements imposed by the Authorizer
  • Oversee implementation of all school board directives
  • Participate in outreach activities and the development of community partnerships that benefit the school
  • Sit as an ex-officio member of the school board
  • Work with the school board President to help coordinate regular board meetings
  • Effectively manage other duties and responsibilities that arise in this area

7.   Facility Management

  • Work with the Director of Operations to supervise facility management to ensure equipment and technology facilitate learning
  • Supervise maintenance of facilities and school grounds
  • Effectively manage other duties and responsibilities that arise in this area 

Qualifications and Experience

1.   Required:

  • Experience managing budgets for a school, non-profit corporation, or other entity
  • Experience working with teachers, students, and families
  • Exceptional planning and project management skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and process-orientation

2.   Preferred:

  • Master’s degree in education or related field
  • Valid K-12 Minnesota Administrative License
  • Experience with data-driven assessments
  • Experience with teacher observation and evaluation
  • Experience with merit-based review systems
  • 3+ years supervisory experience
  • Prior background in education, preferably in charter schools, and understanding of relevant legislation
  • Previous experience with financial planning and management

3.   Attributes:

  • Strong commitment to the mission, vision, and pillars of DaVinci Academy
  • Strong service focus and solution oriented
  • Consistently demonstrate initiative, flexibility, innovation, as well as an ability to effectively lead and interact with a diverse group of professional educators
  • Ability to communicate effectively with students, families, staff, and community