Principal Elementary and Secondary - For Future Opportunities 2019 - 2020 School Year

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Feb 01, 2019
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Administrator, Principal
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About the District:   Jeffco Public Schools has been providing educational excellence for more than 60 years. As Colorado’s second largest public school district, we serve over 85,000 students at 157 schools on 168 campuses. We work to keep the main thing, the main thing – Learning. We focus on strategies which have a direct impact on changing the student learning experience. Along with families and the community, we ensure that all students have the supports they need to engage successfully in the learning process. This work happens under the direction of, and in concert with, skilled and professional educators who serve and deliver an environment of high expectations for all students.


About the Job:   Join our diverse, inspired and committed team!  Jeffco is currently accepting applications for Elementary and Secondary Principal roles for the 2019-2020 School Year.


The Principal is responsible for academic excellence and personal growth of every student, through leadership of an elementary or secondary facility. Organizes school operations around improvement of instruction by maintaining a safe and orderly environment, upholding state laws, contracts and District Policies. Manages personnel, maintains facility to provide a quality learning environment, efficiently manages financial and facility resources, establishes effective public relationships, and coordinates effective instructional programs with a master schedule. 

Traditional work days: Varies according to level
FTE: 1.0
School year: 2019-2020

Compensation:   Commensurate with Experience 


Job Requirements:

  • Must possess a valid Colorado Principal/Administrator license. 
  • A minimum of five (5) years of actual instructional/classroom experience as an educator. 
  • Citizenship, residency or work visa required

Instructional Leadership - Effective Instruction


  • The school leader ensures a common vision of effective instruction.
  • The school leader builds collective capacity of staff through the cultivation of a robust
    and equitable collaborative framework
  • The school leader works with teachers to ensure student engagement, including student
    voice, is evident in daily lessons

       Instructional Leadership – Observations & Analysis of Instruction & Learning

  • The school leader collects data on instructional practices and leverages it to determine
    next steps for instructional practice and student intervention/enrichment
  • The school leader implements a Continuous Improvement Planning and Progress Monitoring
    process resulting in visible improvement in student outcomes and staff efficacy

 Instructional Leadership - Support for Teacher & School Growth

  • The school leader supports teacher growth using ongoing feedback, professional       
    learning, coaching and a collaborative framework
  • The school leader evaluates staff performance using district evaluation resources
  • The school leader fosters collaborative structures such as professional learning    
    communities to ensure collaboration, teaching learning, and opportunities for
    teacher leadership
  • The school leader uses evidence of student learning to plan and implement
    individual and whole-staff professional learning
  • The school leader provides for embedded professional learning that is aligned to the  
    school improvement plan and the demonstrated needs of educators

Operational Leadership – Core Values

  • The school leader displays professional behavior, in accordance with all district policies,
    at all times and addresses inappropriate behaviors by staff members, including conflicts
    as they arise
  • The school leader ensures the School Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals are developed
    jointly with all stakeholders, aligned to Jeffco Generations, and make visible the
    expectations that all students will master core competencies.
  • The school leader builds a school culture which supports a collaborative and transparent
    approach to shared leadership and is welcoming to all stakeholders
  • The school leader models, and positively reinforces the vision and values of the school’s
    culture, and involves students, families, and staff in creating an inclusive and welcoming climate
  • The school leader demonstrates a commitment to a diverse population and inclusive climate,
    setting expectations that all students will succeed
  • The school leader designs and/or utilizes structures and processes which result in family
    and community engagement, support, ownership, and advocacy for the school; leverages
    community and district resources for the school
  • The school leader ensures a safe, caring and engaging environment

Operational Leadership - Safety & Security

  • The school leader certifies the Emergency Management Plan (EMP) is current and School
    Response Team is fully staffed and trained
  • The school leader ensures students and staff are trained on all EMP, Code of Conduct, and
    policies for the school as well as informed on procedures to report concerns to school officials
  • The school leader sets clear expectations and utilizes rules and procedures for all students
    and staff

Operational Leadership - Managerial Leadership

  • The school leader employs Shared Leadership, which includes at a minimum a school accountability
    committee and the collaborative structures outlined in the negotiated agreement
  • The school leader ensures the recruiting, hiring, assignment of staff is collaborative, aligned to school
    focus, and is determined by needs of students
  • The school leader provides for the mentors and dismissal of Staff in a timely manner and is conducted
    with respect for all stakeholders
  • The school leader manages people and resources aligned to the needs of school improvement plans,
    stakeholder input, and to ensure support for school’s focus on student achievement
  • The school leader stays current on knowledge of school laws, district policies, and negotiated agreements

Leadership Awareness – Clarity and Focus Leadership Awareness – Clarity and Focus

  • The school leader carefully selects and persistently clarifies expectations for all stakeholders
  • The school leader limits distractions to the school improvement plan

Leadership Awareness - Interpersonal/Emotional Intelligence

  • The school leader models and engenders reflective practice, confidence, humility, perseverance,
    inspiration, empathy and positivity, and uses situational awareness

Leadership Awareness - Communication Skills

  • The School Leader listens to understand and provides convincing rationale for actions through clear
    communications that are well timed
  • The school leader provides sense-making helping stakeholders understand policies and practices.

Leadership Awareness – Growth Mindset/Continuous Improvement

  • The school leader demonstrates leadership which promotes continuous growth, lifelong learning,
    and risk-taking
  • The school leader ensures a focus on results, based primarily on student learning


Candidates are encouraged to apply for this pooled position as well as school specific postings.

       Priority will be given to candidates who apply prior to February 16, 2019



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The Jefferson County School District does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, pregnancy, or gender.