CNP Computer Specialist

Baton Rouge, LA, US
Jan 11, 2019
Position Type:
Classified- Secretarial/Clerical

Date Posted:


   Process for Applying:
Online Application
2 Letters of Professional Reference (within the last year)
Copy of TABE/ParaPro scores or Proof of Credentials

A responsible technical position involving the operation of electronic data processing equipment and the supervision of data entry personnel. Incumbents are responsible for safeguarding data and equipment, maintaining manual controls, and following established procedures. Responsible for the entire eligibility approval process of free/reduced meal applications as directed by supervisor. Any other additional duties may be assigned by supervisor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Performs responsibilities
  • Maintains proper setup and operation of all equipment associated with the computers.Maintains computer assignments and application programs in an orderly manner.Cleans and inspects the various pieces of equipment, and reports any machine problems, discrepancies, or malfunctions to appropriate persons.Train other office personnel with various computer application programs.Trains and supervises part-time data entry operators.Assists the Network Administrator in troubleshooting network hardware and software problems.Creates and maintains web page for School Child Nutrition Program.Data entry for payroll and preparing reports.Collaborates with Child Nutrition Program programmer to provide effective delivery of networking services within the Child Nutrition Program Office and schools, including troubleshooting errors and problems on local and wide-area networks.Assists the Network Administrator in troubleshooting network hardware and software problems.Collects information, creates and maintains web pages for Child Nutrition Program.Works with supervisors and other personnel in designing and creating forms for managers to print from webpage.Creates and maintains manager absentee form for supervisors for each pay period for recording a manager's comp or sick time.Trains office personnel with various computer application programs.Uses GEMS to process payroll, collects payroll documents, keys exceptions, prints reports, verifies for accuracy, prints copies for supervisors, Child Nutrition Personnel Dept and Payroll Dept.Oversees collection of data collects data for the Schedule A- online forms to submitted to the Louisiana State Department of Education.Collects and keys site information, meal types, estimated number of students served, beginning meal times, site types and sponsor comments for each school cafeteria.Collects data and keys information for policy checklist for schedule A.Works closely with the EBR Child Nutrition Program, Director of Operations. View, edits and make revisions to all Schedule A forms.Collects data, creates and maintains calendar of scheduled reports and meeting for the Child Nutrition Program.Communicates with the Graphic Arts Department for printing the calendar of scheduled reports and meets with cafeteria managers and with CNP staff.Assists with training contact persons using the conference room on how to use overhead projector, screen, microphones, computer and setting up laptops.Creates and maintains the plasma screen PowerPoint presentations.Receives maintenance calls and faxes for repairs and adjustments.Reports all appliance calls to appliance repairman.Assists with new hires in filling out paperwork completely.Answers telephone calls for Secretary to the Director when secretary is absent as well as office receptionist.During pony person's absence, sends outgoing and stamp incoming mail.
  1. Follows procedures for personal habits.
  • Adheres to established East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRPSS)) CNP dress code.Adheres to established personal hygiene and sanitation practices.Presents clean, neat appearance.Performs personal grooming habits only in the restroom.
    C. Demonstrates the ability to work with school community.
  • Relates and communicates positively with students, co-workers, school staff and parents creating good feelings about the Child Nutrition Program.Accepts special assignments when necessary.Adapts and willingly accepts changes in routine.Listens and readily accepts constructive criticism.Displays initiative and enthusiasm about the job.Displays loyalty to school system and immediate supervisor.Displays integrity, honesty and dependability.Maintains self-control over emotions.
    D. Follows procedures in personnel matters including grievance, leave, etc.
  • Follows school and departmental regulations.Performs responsibilities and uses correct lines of communication within the school and school district.Discusses complaints using correct chain of command.
  1. Displays willingness to upgrade job knowledge and skills.
  • Attends and participates in job-related training.Applies knowledge and/or skills obtained from in-service training to performance on the job.Relates training to personal health and job responsibilities.Participates in job-related professional activities in School Food Service Association.Any other duties assigned by higher superiors.
Qualifcations: Graduation from high school plus one year experience in computer operations. Completion of post high school training in computer operations may be substituted for experience. Ability to plan, organize, assign, direct and inspect the work of subordinates, to exercise good judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions, to speak before various groups and organizations. Working abilities to use email, internet, and Microsoft word and excel programs. Ability to master CNP software programs.
The East Baton Rouge Parish School System and all of its entities (including Career and Technical Education Programs) does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, disability or gender in its educational programs and activities (including employment and application for employment), and it is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of gender by Title IX (20 USC 168) and on the basis of disability by Section 504 (42 USC 794). The Title IX Coordinator is Andrew Davis, Director of Risk Management ( ), - phone (225)929-8705 . The Section 504 Coordinator is Elizabeth Taylor Chapman, Director of Exceptional Student Services ( ) - phone (225)929-8600 .