Customer Service Manager, Transportation Services

Boston, MA, US
Dec 24, 2018
Job Title: Customer Service Manager, Transportation Services
Status: Full-Time
Terms: Managerial Tier C, 12 months, City of Boston Residency Required
Reports to: Director of Transportation

General Description :

Founded in 1647, Boston Public Schools (BPS) is the oldest public school district in the country. With approximately 56,000 students from over 114 different countries, nearly 9,000 employees (including 4,700 teachers) and an annual budget of $821 million, BPS is the largest school district in Massachusetts and is one of the most diverse as well. BPS has been recognized as one of the top urban school districts in the United Students and was recently awarded the Broad Prize for Urban Education as the most improved urban school district in the nation.

Position Summary :

The Customer Service Manager will supervise a staff of customer service representatives (CSRs) and manage staffing levels throughout the year based on need. At peak times, the customer service representatives working on the transportation hotline can number more than 30 - split between AM and PM shifts. The Customer Service Manager will manage the technology and space needs of CSR staff and work to turn the existing hotline into a more efficient and professional operation - akin to customer service centers in the private sector.

The Customer Service Manager is also primarily responsible for the operation of two important IT systems: a Cisco call center management program, and a ticketing system tool which tracks calls and complaints that come into the hotline. From these systems, the Customer Service Manager will be responsible for maintaining accurate data, reports, and statistics around call wait times, queue lengths, problems, and complaints, tracking trends and reporting findings to Director of Transportation and other stakeholders.

The Manager directly takes on the most serious problems from CSRs and other Transportation staff - elevating them to proper authorities when necessary, and works with other BPS departments and the Director of Transportation to find resolution and ensure follow-up.

The Customer Service Manager works pro-actively during "down times" to engage with parents, principals and other stakeholders on issues pertaining to transportation; develops communication protocols internal to the Transportation Department, with other BPS departments, and with other City of Boston agencies; and manages and maintains all regular mailers and district-wide communications that come from the Transportation Department, as well as Transportation related content on BPS websites.


  1. Supervises customer service representative (CSR) staff and manages staffing levels throughout the year
  2. Creates and maintains a professional customer service call center atmosphere - in terms of professionalism, physical space, and use of technology
  3. Manages professional development for CSRs and other Transportation Department staff, ensuring that all staff are versed on best customer service practice
  4. Manages Cisco call management system and ticketing system - maintaining data and generating regular reports and statistics for the Director of Transportation
  5. Develops standard operating procedures and communication protocols for emergencies and other serious incidents with internal staff, other BPS departments, and City Hall
  6. Ensures that Transportation staff handle routine issues in a timely, efficient, and customer-oriented manner
  7. Actively engages with parents, principals, and other external stakeholders to understand their concerns and issues with transportation in BPS and brainstorm solutions to make our operations and customer service better
  8. Works with the BPS Communications Office and other departments on all external communications that pertain to transportation - including Transportation-related content on BPS websites, maintains and updates versions, and manages the calendar of when communications need to go out
  9. Plan and execute Community Meetings
  10. Attend Community Meetings when necessary
  11. Effectively uses data to identify trends in complaints, issues, etc.

Job Requirements :

  1. Bachelor's Degree and 5+ years of experience managing a customer service call center environment.
  2. Understanding of enterprise phone systems and reporting
  3. Experience working with CRM tools, work-order management systems and reporting
  4. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word and Excel) and other data analysis tools
  5. Ability to analyze and communicate complex issues effectively, both verbally and in writing
  6. Ability to frequently work outside the usual business hours on evenings, weekends, and as needed to respond to emergencies


  • Masters Degree
  • Experience working in Urban public school setting in Complex unionized environment
  • Knowledge of the general transportation industry or school bus operations
  • Bilingual
This position subject to the City of Boston residency requirement.

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