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Dec 11, 2018

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LOCATION: Finance Department


1. A Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Financial Management, Business or any other field providing a strong foundation for success in the duties and responsibilities in this class specification, or an equivalent combination of education, experience and training that totals four years, is required.
2. Six years of progressively responsible experience in accounting or financial management, which include substantive work in most of the essential functions in this class specification, are required. These six years must provide evidence of (1) considerable skill in (a) using accounting/financial management software to perform a broad range of accounting/financial management functions such as (i) accounts payable, (ii) accounts receivable and (iii) general ledger, (b) preparing financial statements and reports, (c) interpreting GAAP/GASB/FASB/IRS issuances and (d) advising managers/executives on financial management matters, (2) considerable skill in (a) problem solving and decision making, (b) written communication, (c) oral communication, (d) interpersonal interactions, (e) teamwork and (f) customer service, and (3) ability to rapidly acquire and apply knowledge of public schools, VDOE, Arlington County and APS financial management requirements and the financial management implications of VDOE, Arlington County and APS plans and initiatives.
Education and training exceeding Requirement 1 above may be substituted for up to two of these six years of experience; for example, a Master's Degree in Accounting, Financial Management, Business or another field related to the essential functions of this class of work may be substituted for up to two years of experience.
3. Ability (through education, experience or training) to perform successfully as a first level supervisor such as ability to plan/assign/review work, deploy personnel, monitor work operations, obtain effective results and perform a full array of supervisory HR-EEO functions is required.

Certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is required.
A valid driver's license is required.
Experience managing one or more accounting functions in a K-12 (or PreK-12) school district is desired.
Oracle ERP (accounting and financial management modules) experience is desired.

The Director of Finance directs the accounting and financial management programs/operations of Arlington Public Schools (APS) including these main functions: (1) accounts payable, (2) accounts receivable, (3) the general ledger, (4) grants management, (5) capital projects financial analysis/oversight, (6) reports and controls and (7) special domains/projects; supports (in coordination with Arlington County) or develops/publishes the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and may oversee Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) Financial Analysts (in coordination with the Department of Information Services). Budgets for, and plans, assigns and reviews the work of the unit; deploys personnel; monitors work operations; and performs a full range of supervisory human resource (HR) management and equal employment opportunity (EEO) functions for a staff of ±10.

ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK (May not include all duties performed - These are intended as an illustration of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)
Plans and manages accounting and financial management programs and ensures effective operations and services, APS-wide:
• Develops short- and long-range plans. Reviews programs-operations-services with the Supervisor and makes modifications based on approved staffing, funding and other parameters. Recommends, develops or approves and implements APS-level guides for programs-operations-services and identifies ways to enhance programs-operations and improve service delivery.
• Manages accounting functions for revenue billing and collection, disbursements, the general ledger, grants, capital projects, and internal and external financial reporting. Works at strategic and tactical levels - seeks integrated systems that are technically excellent, practical and cost-effective in response to current and future accounting needs of APS, develops/revises accounting policies and procedures, and ensures timely and accurate accounting operations and reports. Reviews, establishes and implements accounting policies and procedures to ensure an adequate system of internal controls for initiating, recording, reconciling and summarizing transactions. Establishes/Enhances control procedures for operation of the automated accounting system and component modules.
• Reviews, assesses impact of and ensures programmatic compliance and operational adherence to Federal, State and County requirements including IR Code and VDOE requirements as well as GAAP, GASB-FASB, IACP and other issuances/guides/standards. Responds to, and may provide remarks, to proposed standards by GASB and FASB and other bodies.
• Develops external and internal financial statements including APS data for the CAFR of Arlington County or, if implemented, a stand-alone APS CAFR.
• Ensures the financial tracking of school bonds issued by the County.
• Ensures, with assistance, legally/regulatory compliant, transparent, ethical, teamwork-oriented and customer service-oriented execution of all functional responsibilities.
Uses a computer, software (office suite/enterprise/specialized), telecommunications and other devices for various functions - planning, scheduling, communicating (email), word processing, recording/manipulating/analyzing data, presenting, researching (Internet), requisitioning, time/attendance reporting, program checking/processing/reporting, etc.
Operates a vehicle on a recurring basis to get to/from APS sites, meet with County officials and perform other functions.
Performs related work, as assigned or on own initiative.

• Comprehensive professional knowledge of generally-accepted accounting concepts, principles, standards, methods and practices, of governmental and financial accounting practices as promulgated by the GASB and FASB, and consistent with GAAP, and of regulatory requirements of the IRS and other bodies altogether to ensure timely and accurate accounting operations and reports, to provide advice and assistance to managers-executives-officials concerning accounting and financial management issues, to develop accounting operating policies and procedures, to address items that affect financial statements and reports and properly reflect the financial activities of APS, and to perform related functions.
• Knowledge of the full range of APS functions and organizational practices, or ability to rapidly acquire this body of knowledge, as pertinent to the full range of assigned duties and responsibilities across the domains of accounting and financial management.
• Knowledge of, and skill in, supervising people at the first level of supervision, or ability to rapidly acquire and apply supervisory knowledge/skill, to supervise subordinates.
• Skill in problem solving to select, organize and logically process relevant information (verbal, numerical or abstract) to solve a problem. This includes skill in recognizing subtle aspects of problems, identifying relevant information, dealing with divergent, concrete or abstract variables, making balanced recommendations and decisions, and exercising mature judgment with utmost discretion. Examples include developing accounting policies and procedures to ensure adherence to Federal/State regulations, GAAP, other external requirements/standards, manipulating, analyzing and reconciling discrepancies in quantitative data; and resolving staff HR management matters.
• Skill in oral communication to understand verbal information (facts, concepts and assertions or arguments) and to express such information verbally to diverse audiences so that they will understand and, as pertinent to the situation, be convinced or persuaded. This includes skill in encouraging effective oral communication by others and listening "actively' to others.
• Skill in written communication to understand written information, draw inferences, form hypotheses and develop logical arguments, and to express such information in writing so that others will understand and, as pertinent to the situation, be convinced and/or persuaded. This includes skill in reading background information such as accounting requirements/standards (including IRS and GAAP issuances), specific grants/contracts, APS functional area policies and plan documents, and routine and non-routine correspondence, and skill in writing accounting policies, financial management plans and reports, routine and non-routine correspondence, etc.
• Interpersonal skills to interact with contacts in a businesslike, customer service-oriented manner by establishing and maintaining effective working relationships and working in harmony with executives/managers, key staff, co-workers and auditors.
• Skill in using a computer, modern office suite software (such as MS Office), enterprise software and specialized software.
• Ability and willingness to work under pressure from time constraints (examples: peak periods or deadlines of the ASB or the Superintendent), and willingness to work variable hours as required by operations, events, etc.

Candidates must submit an application online and attach a resume, and a cover letter/written statement of interest in and qualifications for this position.

Please complete the online Administrative/Technical application on the APS website in the Employment section: . A minimum of three letters of recommendation must also be submitted online as part of your application packet.


EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: It is the policy of the Arlington School Board, as stated in the School Board Policy G-2.30, that employment opportunities shall not be restricted, abridged or otherwise adversely affected on the basis of race, national origin, creed, color, religion, gender, age, economic status, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, pregnancy status, veteran status, gender identity or expression, and/or disability.

APPLY TO: Please follow the instructions listed above.

Salary range of $96,814 to $145,817 (2018-2019 Salary Schedule).


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