Principal - Ooltewah Elementary - 18182 - 2018-2019

Chattanooga, TN, US
Nov 02, 2018
Grade Level
Elementary School
Job Type
Major responsibilities:

Demonstrate effective leadership by establishing a collaborative environment for school improvement.

Provide leadership that will ensure continuous improvement in measurable student achievement.

Support new and best practices in the area of instructional delivery.

Evaluate curriculum, instruction, assessment and student performance.

Lead professional learning.

Design, implement and interpret data systems that support instruction and assessment programs.

Establish a safe and orderly school environment.

Facilitate group understanding and communication of diversity in an educational setting.

Work collaboratively with other district administrators.

Work with feeder pattern principals to establish successful transitions for student success.

Develop and implement a school-wide improvement plan.

Evaluate all certified and classified staff.

Effectively implement IDEA regulations.

Duty Days

Endorsement Code
{480} BEGIN ADMIN A PREK-12, {481} BEGIN ADMIN B PREK-12, {482} PROF ADMIN PREK-12, {483} PROF ADMIN K-12, {443} Instructional Leadership - Professional, {444} Instructional Leadership - Exemplary

Additional Job Information


Must have a master's degree or above and hold a TN ILL-B (Beginning Administrator License) or ILL-P (Professional Administrator License). Valid TN teaching license required.

Successful administrative experience required.

Successful classroom teaching experience required.

Must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral.

Proficient in the use of student learning technology programs.

Applicants are not guaranteed an interview. A screening of resumes will determine applicants to be interviewed.

To apply, complete a Professional online application and attach a current resume to your application.

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