Paraprofessional - Instructional Assistant Teacher/Trainee [McKinley South End Academy High School]

Boston, MA, US
Oct 26, 2018
Grade Level
High School
This vacancy is the result of a one-year long-term leave. The educator retains attachment rights to this position while on leave. Please keep in mind that the position is for one year only.

Paraprofessional - Instructional Assistant Teacher/Trainee

The Boston Public Schools have a continuous need for applicants for this type of position. By applying, you will be placed on a list of applicants available to fill this position. Though there may not be a job available at the time of posting, we will contact you if a position becomes available for which you qualify.

Reports To: Assistant Program Director

General Description and Goals:

The McKinley Schools are totally separate, therapeutically-oriented schools for students with severe behavioral, emotional, and learning disabilities. The Elementary School serves students in grades K-5, ages 5-11. The Middle School serves students in grades 5-8, ages 10-15. The High School serves students in grades 8-12, ages 14-22.

Paraprofessionals will assist teachers in providing an innovative, high quality education program designed to meet the needs of the children in the Boston Public Schools. Paraprofessionals will work with school staff to create an educational environment in which quality and continuity are key factors in educating the students of the Boston Public Schools.


Assists with:

1. Individual, small group, and class instruction.

2. Preparation of instructional materials.

3. Lesson planning, record keeping, and reporting.

4. Elective activities and physical education activities

5. Conducting assessments.

6. Planning Center Management and Office Management.

7. Managing of individual and class behavior, using prescribed approaches, including the restraining of violent, assaultive students.

8. Continued supervision of students in a transportation setting.

9. Performs other duties as requested by the Teacher, Guidance Advisor, Asst. Program Director, Program Director, or Headmaster.


A. High School Diploma or GED
B Associate's degree or at least two years of study (48 credit hours of coursework) at an institution of higher education or have passed the ParaPro Assessment or the WorkKeys Certificate of Proficiency
C. Experience as a teacher, counselor, assistant, intern, or trainee in a program for disturbed children and/or adolescents
D. Coursework, training, or supervision in Special Education or counseling with children and/or adolescents
E. Demonstrated experience and ability working with administrators, teachers, and students
F. Demonstrated experience and ability in assisting with team instruction
G. Personal characteristics including self-discipline, maturity, self-confidence, professionalism, dedication, responsiveness to supervision.

A. Bachelor's Degree
B. Certification as a teacher or license as a social worker
C. Matriculation in an approved program leading to certification in Moderate Special Needs or license as a Social Worker
D. Skills valuable to the program; e.g., second language proficiency, technology/computer skills, shop, physical education, work preparation, survival skills, counseling, case management, etc.

BTU, Paraprofessional hourly rate, 7 8 hours/day

Please refer to the Salary Information section on the Career Site for more information on compensation. Salaries are listed by Union and Grade/Step.

NOTE: This is a training program. To continue after the first year, the trainee must pursue further formal training in this field.

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