Leadership Development International
China (CN)
Monthly Salary + benefits + housing
Oct 16, 2018
Job Type

Start Date: Immediate 

This position is located in China.

Please apply through website:


Description of Work

Responsible to develop a city market plan for seminars and consulting, lead the marketing team, establish networks for promotion, administration, and follow-up of seminars and consulting.



I. Planning
Develop and maintain a city marketing plan for seminars and consulting.
Develop new markets for seminars through marketing visits, advertising, promotions, emails, fax blasts, mailings to databases.

II.  Customer Relationship
Establish processes and procedures to maintain contacts with our customers, government agencies and recommend ways to continue to build customer loyalty.
Make calls on new customers in to introduce training.
Develop a promotion and follow-up plan through a network of likeminded people

III. Communication
A.   Prepare and submit regular written communications highlighting current projects and future project status.
B.    Meet with the RO Manager weekly to review action items and plan activities.
C.   Coordinate all training opportunities with the RO Manager in an effective and timely manner.

IV. Administration
A.   Responsible for coordinating all marketing details related to MTI Seminars.  Prepare checklist and review with RO Manager for assignment of tasks.
B.   Receive and respond to all customer inquiries related to training in a prompt manner.
C.  Prepare necessary training proposals and marketing materials with the guidance of the RO Manager.
D.  Prepare customer contracts for training and consulting.

V. Leadership Role
A.   Lead by assisting marketing assistants with information and guidance to assist in performing their duties.
B.   Train new marketing assistants in their roles as assigned.



I. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
A. Understand international marketing issues and have the ability to conduct marketing analyses.
B. Possess strong interpersonal communication skills – able to persuade, market and source new opportunities.  This includes the ability to develop, pursue and maintain a national network of Chinese and foreign contacts.
C. Negotiation and marketing skills.
D. Able to effectively supervise and motivate others.

II.  Personal qualities
A.     Willing to learn about Chinese/international business culture and develop significant personal relationships with clients.
B.     Able to work well with foreign and national staff; has a sensitivity to unique and multi-cultural perspectives and thoughts.
C.   Able to handle frustrations arising from the lack of marketing information. Creative in finding alternatives to task completion: able to deal well with deadline pressures.
D.    Professional in appearance and demeanor.  Fosters good client relations with Chinese and foreign managers.

III.  Education
A. University graduate.  Preferred degrees in: marketing, business, or communications.
B. Preferred the completed equivalent of 2 years full time course work in standard English/Mandarin.

IV. Work Experience
Three or more years business or organization experience necessary.  Two or more years experience in marketing. Experience in training or management consulting also helpful.