Assistant Superintendent for Support Services

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
$140,000 - $150,000 per year
Sep 26, 2018
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TITLE: Assistant Superintendent for Support Services

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1. Successful experience in administration. Building and district   level administrative experience preferred

2. A master's degree or higher in educational administration, business, administration or a related field

3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO: Superintendent


SUPERVISES: Senior Executive Director of Budget & Finance and Executive Director of Facilities/Maintenance; Chief Technology Officer; Directors of Child Nutrition, Transportation; Coordinator of Student Enrollment, Safety Officer


JOB GOAL: The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services is directly responsible to the superintendent and may serve in the absence of the superintendent as the chief administrative officer of the district. The individual in this position is responsible for the coordination and administration of the support service functions of the school district, which include the areas of budget and finance, facility planning, plant operation, maintenance, child nutrition, transportation, safety, pupil assignment plans and student registration/enrollment, and technology.



Budget and Finance

  1. Oversees the effective operation of the Budget and Finance Department through its executive director
  2. Assists the Budget and Finance executive director in planning, developing and executing the district's financial program
  3. Assists in the preparation and implementation of the school district's budget

Facilities and Maintenance

  1. Oversees the effective operation of the building program of the district and the operation and maintenance of the school plant through the Director of Facilities and Maintenance
  2. Assists in the long-range planning of an effective facilities program, including the identification and acquisition of future school sites
  3. Assists in the development and expenditure of the capital investment budget

Child Nutrition

  1. If Child Nutrition Services is contracted to a third party, develops the request for proposals, evaluates proposals and recommends the award
  2. Oversees the effective operation of the child nutrition program through its director
  3. Keeps informed as to the operation of the school food service program in each school for the purpose of evaluating the efficiency of the program and for making recommendations for improvement
  4. Keeps informed of all laws, regulations, statutes, and policies pertinent to child nutrition service


  1. Oversees the effective operation of the operation of the pupil transportation system through the Director of School Bus Transportation


Student Enrollment

  1. Oversees the accounting of student enrollment, projections and transfer services through the Coordinator of Student Enrollment
  2. Assists the Coordinator with the district’s compliance with the Schools Adequate Facilities Ordinance including projections and Certificates of Adequate Public Schools
  3. Assists with the district's redistricting process as required

Safety Office

  1. Oversees the effective operation of the Safety Office
  2. Assists the Safety Officer with the district’s compliance with federal and state labor laws
  3. Assists with the district’s compliance with federal requirements related to safety in the workplace and environmental issues


  1. Oversees the effective operation of the Technology Department through the Chief Technology Officer
  2. Supervises technology development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of applications of technology to meet the instructional and administrative needs of the school district


  1. Attends Board meetings and prepares reports for the Board in areas of responsibility
  2. Prepares the annual Opening School Report
  3. Prepares drafts of needed Board policies and administrative regulations for the superintendent's review and recommendation
  4. Participates, as requested, in the supervision and performance evaluation of principals
  5. Serves as the contact person for principals experiencing problems with Support Services areas
  6. Interprets the programs, philosophy, and policies of the district to staff, students, and the community at large
  7. Maintains liaison with social, professional, governmental, civic, volunteer, and other community agencies and groups having an interest in the schools
  8. Attends meetings of local governmental bodies when items pertaining to areas of responsibility are on the agenda
  9. Coordinates the opening of new schools
  10. Coordinates requests for proposals for custodial services, copiers, and other major services
  11. Coordinates with the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro regarding rental and/or leasing of properties for recreational purposes
  12. Responds to police and security communications about unsecured buildings
  13. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the superintendent may assign


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve-month year.  Salary determined by the Board.



EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of Board policy on Evaluation of Administrative Personnel.



September 2018