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Dover, DE, US
Aug 16, 2018
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Teaching, Science Teacher

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QUALIFICATIONS: State of Delaware Certification Physical Science Teaching Experience Preferred

LOCATION: Delcastle Technical High School

JOB GOAL: To plan for and implement an instructional program for students enrolled in physical science.


  1. The maintenance of all records, including attendance, inventory and student achievement necessary for daily operations of the physical science course program.
  1. Provide daily instruction in physical science based on IPS curriculum and student needs.
  1. Provide student supervision and classroom management.
  1. Perform as an instructional consultant (teacher) for students enrolled in the physical science program.
  1. Be accountable for student and program evaluation.
  1. Develop and maintain lesson plans as prescribed by school policy.
  1. Become acquainted with and adhere to the Student Handbook and District Policies.
  1. Assist with the requisition of materials and equipment for implementing the instructional program.
  1. Provide students with related experiences based on the IPS curriculum.
  1. Perform other tasks assigned by the supervising Assistant Principal.

Reports To: Assistant Principal

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Delcastle Vo-Tech High School

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