Naval Science Instructor - NJROTC (Immediate Hire)

Syracuse, NY, US
Sep 15, 2018
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Teaching, Science Teacher
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Naval Science Instructor - NJROTC (Immediate Hire)

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Syracuse City School District

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Public Service Leadership Academy
725 Harrison Street, Syracuse, New York, New York, 13210

Posted on
Sep 14, 2018

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Until Filled

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The Syracuse City School District is undergoing a new phase of innovation and transformation with the goal of ensuring that all students graduate high school with the skills needed to be ready for college and career. For Syracuse, all means all - including students who fall behind or have been considered "hard to serve" for a host of reasons. The School Board and Syracuse community have charged Superintendent Jaime Alicea with improving student achievement, and he is seeking a dedicated team of school leaders and teachers to partner with him in moving the district toward its goals. The Syracuse City School District represents 34 schools and 4 alternative education programs, serving 21,000+ students Pre-K-12 of whom 80% qualify for free or reduced price lunch, 19% are served by the Office of Special Education and 77% are students of color.


Successful SCSD educators are passionately committed to urban education and all in for Syracuse students. They:

  • Believe strongly that all students can learn at high levels;
  • Demonstrate commitment to serving urban students, schools or communities, and to closing the achievement gap;
  • Demonstrate willingness to put the interests of students above all others;
  • Actively contribute to a culture of high expectations in their school and district;
  • Adapt seamlessly to the complexities of the urban school environment; and
  • Follow current trends in education policy and research, including Common Core standards, comprehensive assessment systems and data-driven instruction.


The Senior Naval Science Instructors (SNSI) shall perform those duties pursuant to current regulations, policies, and procedures as established by Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) and the host school. The SNSI also reports to the Navy Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (NJROTC) area manager for administrative and logistical support. The NSI also teaches naval science courses, assists the SNSI, and shares workload duties as assigned by the SNSI. In addition to the specific duties listed below, they may perform those collateral duties normally performed by and rotated among other faculty members, providing such duties do not interfere with the administration and operation of the NJROTC program. Specific duties and responsibilities of the SNSI and NSI include:

  • Teaching the prescribed 3- or 4-year Naval Science curriculum.
  • Instructing in military drill.
  • Counseling students in the NJROTC program.
  • Writing/updating lesson plans for the NJROTC curriculum and other lesson preparation requirements.
  • Mentoring cadets and assisting with higher education or employment opportunities and goals.
  • Requisitioning all government furnished equipment (includes uniforms, training aids, books, drill rifles, air rifles, and organizational equipment).
  • Arranging for cleaning and tailoring of uniforms.
  • Surveying old and worn uniforms and other government property.
  • Performing simple preventive maintenance of training aids and devices.
  • Inventory control of all government furnished equipment/materials (including annual wall-to-wall inventory).
  • Ensuring proper physical security of all government furnished equipment/materials.
  • Planning extracurricular activities for the NJROTC unit (including color/honor guard ceremonies, drill team and rifle teams competitive meets, field trips, basic leadership training, ship cruises, etc).
  • Preparing periodic reports on program administration and logistics.
  • Keeping current and abreast of new developments and organizations within the Navy.
  • Assessing unit progress to assure NJROTC program objectives are met.
  • Attending Navy-sponsored training to keep abreast of current requirements of program management.
  • Taking courses of instruction to improve teaching abilities.
  • Establishing rapport with school counselors and faculty members.
  • Making annual presentations of the NJROTC program to students at feeder schools for the purpose of recruiting new cadets into the program.
  • Maintaining financial accounts of operating budget.
  • Preparing financial vouchers to the Navy for reimbursement of expenditures to the school, made in support of the NJROTC program.
  • Establishing contact with civic groups to obtain their recognition and support of the NJROTC program.

For further details on our expectations for classroom educators, explore the Danielson Framework for Teaching (2011). The teacher will perform additional related duties as required.


  • All applicants must be either active, reserve, or retired from the US Navy or Marine Corps.
  • A rank of commissioned officer is required.
  • A background in training or education in the military or a school setting is preferred.
  • Prior experience with a Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) program is preferred.


The Syracuse City School District's current new hire, base teacher salary is $48,500. With proof of outside related experience and college transcripts, the salary can be increased pursuant to the Unit 1 contractual agreement.

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