Math Coach

Jacksonville, Florida
$39,500 up to $74,000 Varies by Experience
Sep 12, 2018
Grade Level
Elementary School
Job Type


Gregory Drive Elementary, Long Branch Elementary, & Rutledge Pearson Elementary

Improves math instruction and content knowledge by coaching, training, and supporting school-based mathematics teachers.

Essential Functions 

    • 1. Assist school administrators and math teachers with analysis of school, class, and individual student data to    determine needs in mathematics.
    • 2. Conducts focus walks with state, district, and/or school-based personnel to collect and analyze data to plan for    instruction and professional development.
    • 3. Assists mathematics teachers with planning instruction and assessments based on national and state standards and    benchmarks; use of pacing charts and instructional strategies and materials; and use of data from formative    assessments and district assessments to improve instruction.
    • 4. Supports math teachers with planning instruction to meet student needs through differentiated instruction.
    • 5. Provides classroom support by observing, modeling, co-teaching, and providing specific feedback. Interprets state    and district mandates for math teachers and how these mandates support student achievement.
    • 6. Provides support for school-based professional development to build school training capacity.
    • 7. Develops and delivers school-based professional development in mathematics content and instructional strategies for    assigned grades or content area, based on targeted school needs and identified teacher needs.
    • 8. Provides follow-up support at the school level for district professional development in mathematics.
    • 9. Supports school leadership teams in development and facilitation of professional learning communities for    professional study and collaborative work such as lesson study and examining student work.
    • 10. Facilitates implementation of standards-based instruction by participating in district, regional, and/or state      meetings.
    • 11. Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications


Education:  Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.  Master degree preferred.
Experience:  ELEMENTARY--Three (3) years of experience teaching elementary school

Certifications & Licenses: Elementary--Mathematics K-5 and/or 1-6 Professional certification;