Director of Finance and Grants Administration

Dobbs Ferry, New York
Sep 05, 2018
Job Type

Responsibilities include: supervising business office support personnel, accounting, payroll, purchasing, and preparation of financial statement, audit management, submission of state reports, grants administration and overall leadership of the department. 

Additional duties to include but not limited to: 

  • Overall planning for and operation of the business, fiscal and supportive services of the school district; Budgeting, financial planning, accounting and financial reporting are essential elements of these responsibilities.
  • Oversee the efficient running  of the district facility and coordinate the work of  contractors
  • Administration and evaluation of the purchasing functions of the school district to include all aspects of the bidding process in accordance with New York School Code and School Board policy requirements.
  • Development and recommendation of major policies and operational procedures for the business, fiscal and support services of the school district.
  • In conjunction with the Superintendent and other assigned administrators, the Director of Finance will plan and supervise the development and administration of the school district’s budget.
  • Development and maintenance of financial controls to ensure efficiency and fidelity of the expenditure of public funds.
  • Supervise the collection, safekeeping and distribution of all funds.
  • Administration of cash and investment programs to ensure optimal returns within statutory guidelines.
  • Administration of the budget and cooperation with auditors to ensure that all regulatory and acceptable accounting practices are maintained.
  • Assume responsibility for long-range financial planning, including both short-term and long-term strategies.
  • Administer the payroll and any other related activities for the school district.
  • Supervision of school district revenue collection.
  •  Submit grant applications and monitor grant finances

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