Law Enforcement Officer 1.0 FTE

Lexington, KY, US
Aug 27, 2018
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    Law Enforcement/ CLAS - 7824 - LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER

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    Perform a variety of law enforcement activities for an assigned school District including enforcing state statutes, FCPS board policy, protection of life and property, suppression of criminal activity, apprehension and prosecution of offenders, regulation of non-criminal conduct, preservation of public peace, enforcement of traffic and parking regulations and conducting investigations.

    Job Summary:
    • Perform a variety of law enforcement activities for an assigned school District; exercise authority consistent with statutory obligations and comply with lawful orders.
    • Responsible for knowing and complying with all FCPS board policies and completing safety training as assigned by the District.
    • Enforce Kentucky Revised Statute and FCPS Board policy in order to assure the safety of district students, personnel and property.
    • Supervise and/or patrol a designated area of the Fayette County School Board owned properties to preserve the law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crime, to direct traffic, to reduce traffic accidents, to enforce laws and School Board policies.
    • Secures the scene of a crime or accident; administers first aid, gathers and identifies evidence, photographs crime scenes and evidence, obtains witnesses; and makes arrests.
    • Conducts criminal investigations of thefts, assaults, burglaries, robberies, fraud, and vice crimes.
    • Responds to call in an off duty capacity if requested.
    • Responsible for maintaining high visibility on school property in order to maintain the safety of students and staff as well as safeguard district property.
    • Prepare and complete accurate and thorough reports of crimes, vehicular accidents, and other incidents as necessary.
    • Conduct investigations on allegations of crime; to include interviews, evidence gathering and securing, making arrests and/or issuing citations/summons.
    • Responds to critical incidents and investigates to determine the cause and takes appropriate action.
    • Receives complaints and/or requests for service from the public or others; secures the necessary information and/or refers them to the proper authorities; and counsels citizens that come into the office.
    • Interviews persons with complaints/injuries; attempts to make proper disposition or directs them to the proper authorities. Gathers information on crimes and offenses through interviews and interrogations.
    • Serves juvenile custody orders, adult warrants, summonses, and subpoenas; issues traffic citations; and prepares criminal offense and traffic accidents reports.
    • Assists other law enforcement officers as needed.
    • Maintains assigned equipment in proper working condition.
    • Assist injured persons and determine appropriate action in a timely manner. This can include calling medical personnel when necessary.
    • Attend and conduct parent conferences regarding student criminal or code of conduct violations as needed.
    • Testifies in court and administrative hearings.
    • Transport prisoners to jail. Administers breathalyzer test.
    • Operates and maintains various types of police equipment utilized on the job.
    • Provide proper referrals for incidents occurring outside the officer's area of authority or jurisdiction.
    • Performs other tasks as assigned.
    • Maintain regular attendance.
    • High school diploma or GED Certificate; preferred Bachelor's degree in law enforcement, education, or one of the social sciences; or five years of successful experience in law enforcement or youth-related work.
    • Officer must have the ability to successfully complete required law enforcement training with the Department of Criminal Justice Training and Division of Law Enforcement.
    • Officer must have the ability to obtain and maintain commission as a Special Law Enforcement Officer. Valid Kentucky driver's license; citizen of the United States; twenty-one years of age; no criminal record, excellent moral character; honorable discharge if having served in the Armed Forces; satisfactory medical condition; Special Law Enforcement Officers Commission.
    • Elements and appropriate application of state statutes, FCPS board policies, and Department of Law Enforcement policies.
    • Geographic areas of FCPS schools, District owned facilities, and FCPS personnel.
    • Communicate with staff, parents, students, and community to exchange information, coordinate activities and resolve issues or conflicts.
    • Maintains confidentiality of records and information according to established procedures and school board policy.
    • Applicable sections of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) and other applicable school laws.
    • Laws, rules and regulations related to assigned activities.
    • Obtain and maintain commission as a Special Law Enforcement Officer
    • Perform a variety of law enforcement duties at an assigned location.
    • Prepare and maintain accurate and complete reports of crimes, vehicular accidents, and other incidents.
    • Successfully use report generating computer software utilized by the Department of Law Enforcement.
    • Maintain crowd control.
    • Communicate with staff, parents, students, and community to exchange information, coordinate activities and resolve issues or conflicts.
    • Maintain confidentiality of records and information according to established procedures and school board policy.
    • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing in a professional manner.
    • Work cooperatively with other officers, school personnel, students, parents, and the public.
    • Determine appropriate action within clearly defined guidelines.
    • Work rapidly and accurately with names, codes, and symbols.
    • Judge when to act independently and when to refer a situation to a supervisor.
    • Operate crime fighting paraphernalia such as video equipment, audio recorders, and security cameras.
    • Make rapid and appropriate decisions during stressful situations.
    • Successfully pass bi-annual firearms qualifications.
    Working Conditions:
    • Work is performed while standing for extended periods of time, sitting and/or walking.
    • Requires the ability to communicate effectively using speech, vision and hearing.
    • Requires the use of hands for simple grasping, pushing and pulling of arm controls and fine manipulations.
    • Requires the use of feet for repetitive movements.
    • Requires bending, squatting, crawling, climbing, reaching and effectively dealing with resistance from arrests.
    • Must be able to lift one-third of their body weight, not to exceed 50 pounds.
    • Requires exposure to marked changes in temperature and humidity, extreme hot or cold temperatures, regular exposure to continuous noises, contagious diseases, driving automotive equipment, and working in heavy periods of rain, dust, fumes, odors and gases.
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    Grade 21