Drafting / Architecture / 3D Prototyping

Garinger High School
Charlotte, North Carolina
$40,000 - $68,000 + Benefits, Professional Development and Career Advancement Opportunities
Aug 21, 2018
Grade Level
High School
Job Type


A new Architecture and 3D Prototyping CTE pathway will launch this fall at Garinger High School, a comprehensive high school in East Charlotte.  Garinger has a proud history in our region and we embrace the changes that have evolved in our community over the years. The school serves students from across the world, speaking 39 different languages and having diverse world experiences. For the past three consecutive school years, Garinger students have ‘Exceeded Growth’ for the North Carolina Accountability Model. In 2018, the growth index for Garinger High School was in the top 5% of schools in the State of North Carolina. Our goal for Garinger High School is for our students to graduate and be able to critically defend their answers both verbally and in writing. We offer many CTE programs and are excited to add the Architecture and 3D Prototyping program to help our students prepare for their future careers.

Summary of Role

The drafting teacher will be responsible for a brand new Architecture and 3D Prototyping CTE pathway at Garinger High School.  We are looking for a dynamic instructor to develop and implement a modern program for our students.  The teacher will be expected to develop a strong partnership between the school and an external business partner to help ready our students for careers and further studies in the field upon graduation from high school.



Planning and Preparation

  • Set high expectations of achievement that are ambitious and measurable for students
  • Plan backward to align all lessons, activities, and assessments
  • Determine how students spend instructional time (e.g., with digital software for knowledge and skill acquisition, large and small groups with the teacher, project-based learning, individual interventions with tutors or assistant teachers, etc.)
  • Design in-person instruction that is enriched (developing higher-order thinking skills) and personalized (reflecting learning levels and interests of individual students)
  • Design assessments that accurately assess student progress and/or incorporate digital assessments

Classroom Environment

  • Hold students accountable for high expectations of behavior and engagement that are ambitious and measurable
  • Create physical classroom environments conducive to collaborative and individual learning
  • Establish a culture of respect, enthusiasm, and rapport


  • Hold students accountable for ambitious, measurable standards of academic achievement
  • Identify and address individual students’ social, emotional, and behavioral learning needs and barriers
  • Identify and address individual students’ development of organizational and time-management skills
  • Invest students in their learning by using a variety of influence techniques
  • Incorporate questioning and discussion in student learning
  • Incorporate small-group and individual instruction to personalize and tailor instruction to individual needs
  • Monitor and analyze student data from assessments to inform enriched instruction by the teacher, follow-up tutoring by the tutor(s) or assistant teacher(s), and changes in digital instruction
  • Provide paraprofessional(s) with student groupings and specific instructional assignments for follow-up tutoring
  • Communicate with students and keep them informed of their progress

Professional Responsibilities

  • Solicit and eagerly receive feedback from supervisor and team members to improve professional skills
  • Maintain regular communication with families, and work collaboratively with them to design learning both at home and at school, and to encourage a home life conducive to learning success
  • Collaborate with other teachers, tutors, assistant teacher(s) and lab monitor(s) to analyze student data, group students, teach and assign interventions
  • Participate in professional development opportunities at school


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Knowledge of subject matter being taught
  • Ability to obtain or hold appropriate NC licensure for subject and grade level


  • Full-time teaching position


  • Salary based on district pay scale, plus benefits.

Reports to:

  • Principal