LDTC/Special Education Coordinator

Newark, NJ, US
Aug 06, 2018
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    Student Support Services/ LDTC/Special Education Coordinator

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  • Location:
    UHCS - Lower
    (High-Needs School)

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    1. Valid New Jersey Educational Services Certificate and Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant Endorsement.

    2. Minimum 3 years experience in special education or related services.

    3. Knowledge of laws and regulations governing special education; and demonstrated ability to effectively assess children\'s learning characteristics, design appropriate instructional strategies and plan educational programs.

    4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

    5. Required criminal history background check, proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident status & NJ residency.

    REPORTS TO: Executive Director

    JOB GOAL: To coordinate the assessment of student learning characteristics; the design of appropriate instructional plans; the implementation of interventions as the case manager; the compliance of all special education practices; and the communication to all stakeholders regarding students with special needs.


    1. Assessment

    a. Coordinates the evaluation and classification (504 and IEP) for all pupils with special needs

    b. Assesses academic proficiency and learning characteristics of each pupil referred to the child study team for evaluation and interprets the findings in written reports and informal conferences.

    c. Formulate procedures for evaluation, placement and reappraisal of students in need of special education and/or related services in conjunction with social workers.

    2. Design

    a. Provides leadership in the development and coordination of the special education program.

    b. As case manager, coordinates the development an appropriate individualized education program for each pupil requiring special education and/or related services.

    c. Performs all duties required as a member of the child study team by administrative code, state and federal laws and board policy.

    3. Implementation

    a. Coordinates the implementation of instructional plans for all pupils with special needs, including the development and maintenance of the cumulative records of students receiving special services.

    b. Coordinates the ongoing assessment of academic achievement and educational placement of classified pupils.

    c. Evaluates existing programs and makes recommendations for improvements.

    4. Compliance

    a. Coordinates all compliance regarding evaluation, classification and placement of all pupils with special needs.

    b. Assumes responsibility for the preparation and timely submission of all required documents and reports, in order to assure district compliance with legal requirements of this process.

    c. Monitors the implementation of IEPs, including compliance with regulations regarding school special education programs.

    d. Keeps informed of all legal requirements governing special education, keeps staff informed of legal requirements and ensures that all requirements under administrative code, state/federal law and board policy are met.

    e. Recommends policies and programs essential to the needs of special education children.

    5. Communication

    a. Coordinates communication to all stakeholders regarding evaluation, classification and placement of all pupils with special needs.

    b. Leads the development and delivery of in-service programs and parent seminars related to learning disabilities and effective teaching methods.

    c. Works to keep the community informed of the special education program and the role of the learning disability teacher-consultant.

    d. Cooperates with building principals to plan, coordinate and evaluate the special services program.

    e. Consults with classroom teachers, administrators and parents regarding special instructional methods and/or materials necessary to meet the specific needs of individual pupils.

    f. Meets with parents to discuss implementation of the IEP and to resolve grievances.

    g. Maintains liaison with community agencies and other resources to meet pupils\' special needs. Refers parents and child to agencies when appropriate.

    6. Maintains personal professional competence and continuous improvement through in-service education and other professional growth activities.


    Ten-month employee. Salary to be recommended by Executive Director and approved by board.

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