Operations and Technology Coordinator

Newark, NJ, US
Aug 06, 2018
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    Operations and Technology/ Operations and Technology Coordinator

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    UHCS - Lower
    (High-Needs School)

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    Operations and Technology Coordinator


    1. Holds a Bachelors Degree, preferably in the field of Information Systems, Operations or equivalent.

    2. Demonstrates effective skills in problem solving, technology use, communication, organization, planning, and data management.

    3. Successfully completes required criminal history check and has proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

    4. Possess an adept ability to work effectively in teams and as an individual.

    5. Passionate about working with students and closing the achievement gap.

    6. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and/or acceptable.

    Director of Technology and Operations

    To coordinate technology and operations at the school level by assisting the Director of Technology and Operations in supporting teachers, students and staff to facilitate an effective learning environment.


  • Operations Management & Support � (50%) Assist the Director of Technology and Operations to:
  • Maintain multi-media library management systems.
  • Coordinate ordering and purchasing of new multimedia materials.
  • Maintain and develop effective and timely day-to-day master and special schedules (for events, testing, school store, meetings etc.)
  • Track, maintain and display student and staff performance data for various stakeholders.
  • Develop student progress reports and report cards for teachers and parents.
  • Coordinate and manage physical setup for breakfast, lunch and school events.
  • Develop and maintain facilities systems to track locks, keys, equipment etc.
  • Maintain maintenance management data system (Maintenance Direct).
  • Carryout other operations tasks, delivered by the Director of Technology and Operations, as they arise.

  • Technology Management & Support � (50%) Assist the Director of Technology and Operations to:
  • Develop/update technology plans and technology guides.
  • Maintain accurate technology process charts and documentation.
  • Install, manage & troubleshoot all information technology.
  • Includes laptops, computers, printers, projectors, interactive boards and local servers.
  • Manage user emails, web resources subscriptions, authentication accounts, etc.
  • Support SIS - Powerschool courses, student enrollment, schedules, data exporting etc.
  • Maintain IT asset management system (ITDirect and ITAM).
  • Develop technology trainings for effective staff use and implementation.
  • Coordinate with teachers to integrate technology into lesson plans.
  • Carryout other technology tasks delivered by the Director of Technology and Operations, as they arise.

  • Proficiency in Windows Server environment, Active Directory, Exchange, advanced features of Microsoft Office applications and database management is highly preferred.

    Twelve-month employee. Salary to be recommended by Executive Director and approved by board.

    EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the board\'s policy on evaluation.

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