Executive Director of Exceptional Student Services

Eagle, Colorado
$89846 - $107815
Jun 08, 2018
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The primary function of the Executive Director of ESS is to support the accomplishment of the District mission by providing leadership for special populations.  The Executive Director is responsible for helping with the development, implementation, administration, supervision, maintenance, monitoring and evaluation of special education and gifted education services to students. The Executive Director will ensure policies and procedures, set forth for the District to follow are in compliance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations.  In addition, a key function is to work in concert with the administration at ESS to oversee the Administrative Unit and ensure to improved academic results for students with disabilities and gifted education students.

SUPERVISED BY:             

Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services

SUPERVISES:  ESS office staff, SPED service providers, and Instructional Coaches


  1. Direct, interpret, coordinate, negotiate, and respond to legal questions, complaints and situations.
  2. Develop, plan, monitor, and evaluate programs.
  3. Support building administrative staff assigned to supervise staff and programs at the building level.
  4. Recruit, hire, and evaluate designated personnel.
  5. Monitor and meet regularly with itinerant teams to ensure consistent and quality services across the district.
  6. Coordinate district-wide trainings for special education classified and certified personnel throughout the school year as requested.
  7. Oversee completion of reports for ESS department, and state and federal reporting
  8. Act as a liaison to the Special Education programs for CDE.
  9. Act as a liaison to the District RTI/PBIS contact for CDE.
  10. Attend IEP meetings to mediate and facilitate decision -making for students with IEP’s as requested.
  11. Lead the ECS Special Education Advisory Committee.
  12. Participate as a member of the following:
  • ESS Team
  • Admin Team
  • Other committees as assigned 
  • Participate in the budget needs for special education programs within the district.
  • Oversee services for suspensions/expulsions for students with disabilities
  • Develop and maintain positive parent and community relations.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  1. Successful work experience as a special education teacher, SPED service provider or special education administrator.
  2. Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. Knowledge of special education laws and best practices for special education students. 
  4. Independent thinking, problem solving, interpretation, facilitation skills, and crisis management within District, federal, state policies, procedures and laws.
  5. Judgment to meet varying conditions and to resolve situations where procedures, laws, or guidelines are not applicable.
  6. Knowledge and understanding of effective instructional practices
  7. Public School Special Education experience in area of supervision
  8. A Colorado Department of Education Administrative License: Special Education Director endorsement
  9. Knowledge of and experience with the State computerized IEP and Medicaid desirable
  10. Advanced Mediation Skills