Guilford County Schools Opportunity Culture Advanced Teaching and Paraprofessional Positions

Guilford County, North Carolina
State salary + up to $20,000 salary differential
May 02, 2018
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Guilford County Schools

Greensboro, NC

Guilford County Schools, based in Greensboro, North Carolina seeks candidates for several Opportunity Culture advanced teaching and paraprofessional positions. Eligible candidates include teachers and former teachers with prior evidence of high-progress student outcomes and paraprofessionals with experience working with children. 

If you are committed to high standards of excellence, teamwork, and student impact, join us!

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Opportunity Culture schools offer innovative team-based roles that allow teachers to lead from the classroom, learn on the job, pursue teaching excellence together, and earn significantly more for reaching more students. All roles are funded sustainably at the school level, rather than with temporary grants.

Multi-Classroom Leader:

The Multi-Classroom Leader leads teachers and other staff members to meet the leader’s standards of excellence. The Multi-Classroom Leader establishes each team member’s roles and goals at least annually, determines how students spend time and organizes teaching roles to fit each teacher’s strengths, content knowledge and professional development goals. The Multi-Classroom Leader also teaches students her/himself in most cases. The team uses the leader’s methods and tools. The Multi-Classroom Leader organizes the team to review student progress and change instruction as needed to ensure high-progress learning for every child. The leader works collaboratively with the team, using the team’s new ideas and innovations that the leader agrees may improve learning. The Multi-Classroom Leader is fully accountable for the learning and development of all students taught by the team members.

  • Multi-Classroom Leader 1-Leads 2-3 Teachers
  • Multi-Classroom Leader 2-Leads 4-5 Teachers
  • Multi-Classroom Leader 3-Leads 6-8 Teachers

Expanded Impact Teacher:

The Expanded Impact Teacher plans and delivers in-person instruction for multiple classes in a school where students rotate between a paraprofessional and the expanded impact teacher. While one class of students works with a paraprofessional to cover basic knowledge and skills, the Expanded Impact Teacher teaches another class of students, focusing on delivering personalized and enriched instruction. The teacher is responsible for planning, preparing, and delivering instruction, and monitoring student progress to determine instructional needs. The teacher is also responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the paraprofessional’s instruction and making or recommending changes. The teacher collaborates with team members, such as other teachers, tutors, and assistant teachers, to review student progress and change instruction as needed to ensure high-progress, enriched learning for every child. The team leader variation combines this role with multi-classroom leadership, and includes input into choosing and managing team members and digital resources.

  • Expanded Impact Teacher 1-Reaches at least 33% more students
  • Expanded Impact Teacher 2-Reaches at least 50% more students
  • Expanded Impact Teacher 3-Reaches at least 66% more students

Reach Associate:

The Reach Associate assists with instruction and takes responsibility for the non-instructional duties of one or more teachers, as designated by each teacher.  The Reach Associate assists with and facilitates small and large group student learning, with and without technology. The associate works closely with the teacher(s) to coordinate various administrative duties and completes non-instructional paperwork. The Reach Associate manages procedures and supervises student behavior during transitions, lunch, recess, assemblies, and other unstructured activities, and while teacher(s) deliver instruction. The Reach Associate reports to the Principal or Multi-Classroom Leader.

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