Assistant Superintendent Schools

El Paso, TX, US
Apr 06, 2018
106031 Assistant Superintendent Schools

Job Title: Assistant Superintendent Schools

Wage/Hour Status: Daily, Exempt

Reports to: Deputy Superintendent,

Pay Grade: D14
Academics & School Leadership

Dept/School: Assigned Division

Date Revised: August 21, 2017

Primary Purpose

Provide leadership and oversight of the principals assigned to their Division. Responsible for helping
principals increase their capacity to improve teaching and learning in their schools by providing coaching
and training as well as through directing District resources.


Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree desirable
Valid Texas Principal or Superintendent Certificate

Special Knowledge/Skills

• High level leadership ability with strong instructional foundation
• Thorough knowledge of the Texas Education Code

• Thorough understanding of curriculum, instruction, and other student related services
• Ability to use computer technology in administrative and educational settings

• Excellent organizational, problem solving, and consensus-building skills

• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Effective human relations skills

• Thorough knowledge of school budgeting, particularly site-based budgeting

• Knowledge of data driven accountability performance models as they apply to school

• Thorough knowledge of the various class scheduling options with ability to describe pros and
cons to each option

• Ability to delegate responsibilities effectively

Eight years campus and/or central office administrative experience


1. Fosters a culture of innovation, collegiality, and ethical leadership by establishing a positive climate
that values shared decision-making.

2. Provides strategic oversight and leadership to diverse clusters of schools in the assigned Division.
3. Responsible for selecting, hiring, developing, supporting, evaluating, and retaining high quality school

leaders assigned to their respective Division.
4. Interacts positively and collaboratively with other District leadership members to ensure standards of

excellence throughout the District.
5. Provides leadership that assures quality implementation of District instructional programs, to include

curriculum development and implementation based on best practices.
6. Stays current on instructional administration techniques and programs throughout the state and nation,

incorporating findings into the local organization where appropriate.
7. Assumes accountability for the implementation of the District's academic programs; holds principals

responsible for performance of schools.
8. Confers with Deputy Superintendent of Academics and School Leadership on matters of concern and
recommends solutions to complex problems related to the District's instructional programs.

9. Leads departments and schools in continuous, overall student improvement, performance and outcomes
through development, implementation and monitoring of District-wide strategic plans, policies, and
programs/initiatives that support the District's mission.

10. Produces statistics and metrics that monitor the assigned clusters of schools within the designated

Division's success in fulfilling their mission and objectives.
11. Oversees the principals' development, implementation, and monitoring of long-range instructional goals

to improve outcomes as measured by state and national standards.
12. Provides leadership to assigned personnel to ensure departments deliver educational services efficiently

and effectively.

Student Management
13. Ensures student management programs and procedures are effective in promoting acceptable student

conduct and social growth.
14. Ensures systems and procedures are in place to provide for campus safety.

Policy, Reports and Law
15. Participates in regular dialogue with assigned staff and District leadership in development and support

of District-wide policies, practices, and procedures.
16. Ensures assigned staff understands, communicates, and implements Board policies and guidelines

inherent in those policies.

Budget and Inventory
17. Oversees preparation and administration of department and assigned campus budgets.
18. Develops systems and procedures to monitor receipt and expenditure of funds; ensures funds are

expended appropriately and within federal, state, and local guidelines at assigned campuses.
19. Participates with other District leadership members in District budget development processes.

Personnel Management
20. Ensures staff is evaluated as specified in Board Policy.
21. Assists staff with issues, problems, and concerns raised by District stakeholders.
22. Establishes an environment that empowers staff to execute responsibilities as instructional leaders.
23. Encourages innovation among staff in pursuit of improved academic achievement.
24. Leads others in resolution of highly sensitive and confidential academic issues.
25. Promotes organizational climate that fosters positive staff morale, openness, and collaboration.

Communication and Community Relations
26. Serves as a liaison to governmental agencies, business and civic organizations, and the community to

provide information about District academic programs and initiatives as assigned by the Superintendent.
27. Serves as a representative of the District as requested by the Superintendent.
28. Attends meetings of the Board of Trustees and prepares reports as requested by the Deputy

Superintendent of Academics and School Leadership.

Professional Growth
29. Promotes professional growth among staff.
30. Develops personal and professional growth plans to enhance performance of assigned duties and

31. Keeps abreast of current research results, trends, and developments in public education.

Supervisory Responsibilities
Supervises all assigned personnel

Physical and Mental Job Requirements
Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors
Work is non-standardized and widely varied, involving complex and significant variables. Significant time
spent planning, evaluating, addressing, and negotiating issues.
Strong analytic ability and inductive thinking are frequently required to devise new approaches to
situations where previously accepted solutions have proven inadequate.

106030 Area Superintendent

Maintains emotional control under stress; frequent district-wide travel; frequent prolonged working hours.

Terms of Employment

226 days; salary to be established by the Board of Trustees

The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an
exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.


Job Title:



Job Title:


The El Paso Independent School District does not discriminate in its educational programs or employment
practices on the basis of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, citizenship, military status,
disability, genetic information, gender stereotyping and perceived sexuality, or on any other basis prohibited by
law. Inquiries concerning the application of Titles VI, VII, IX, and Section 504 may be referred to the District
compliance officer, Patricia Cortez, at 230-2033; Section 504 inquiries regarding students may be referred to
Kelly Ball 230-2829.

El Distrito Escolar Independiente de El Paso no discrimina en los programas de educación o en prácticas de
empleo usando el criterio de raza, color, edad, sexo, religión, origen nacional, estado civil, ciudadanía, estado
militar, discapacidad, información genética, estereotipo sexual o sexualidad percibida, u otra práctica prohibida
por la ley. Preguntas acerca de la aplicación del título VI, VII o IX, y la Sección 504 pueden ser referidas al
oficial del distrito, Patricia Cortez al 230-2033; preguntas sobre 504 tocante a estudiantes pueden ser referidas a
Kelly Ball 230-2829.