Elementary School Principal for Groveland Elementary

Minnetonka, Minnesota
Feb 06, 2018
Job Category
Administrator, Principal

Elementary School Principal for Groveland Elementary, 1.0 FTE

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Category: Administration/Professional/Principal--Elementary Principal
Location: Groveland Elementary
Date of Availability: 07/01/2018
Date Closing: 03/05/2018

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A unique and inspiring school community awaits a skillful educational leader committed to personalizing education for all students.  With a Spanish Language Immersion (school-within-a school) program, Groveland offers exciting opportunities for a proven leader. An active parent community and highly engaged staff provide exceptional opportunities for students within a vibrant and unified learning community of approximately 854 students in grades K-5.  Groveland is one of six district elementary schools.

Groveland Elementary Website 

Applicants must qualify for or currently have a Minnesota principal license along with an excellent record of past professional performance applicable to performing all duties of the position.  Successful candidates must also possess excellent communications and human relations skills in a variety of professional settings, including conflict resolution with youth and adults, small and large group facilitation skills, and demonstrated leadership skills. 

Pay and Benefits
We offer a regionally competitive salary and benefit package. 
Resource for Out-of-State Candidates
Please visit the Minnesota Board of School Administrators website at www.mnbosa.org for information on how to obtain a Minnesota principal license.
Application Instructions
To apply, please complete our online application process and upload a resume, cover letter, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Serve as a member of the District’s administrative team and actively participate in the development, implementation, and achievement of the District’s goals.
  2. Provide general administration of the total school program, which requires meeting the needs of all students within the building.
  3. Oversee the implementation of approved curriculum and assessments at the building level.
  4. Lead in the recruitment, selection, staff development, and evaluation of staff members at the building level.
  5. Develop and complete mutual commitments tied directly to the District’s goals.
  6. Ensure effective implementation of after-school activities, enrichment and co-curricular activities in conjunction with other District staff.
  7. Communicate with parents, community members, and parent organizations concerning school programs and activities.
  8. Develop the school budget and approve the requisitions for supplies, equipment and materials necessary for the operation of the school.
  9. Oversee the development of and implementation of the student discipline and student recognition programs within the school.
  10. Implement state and federal regulations and School Board policies related to the health and safety of all students and employees.

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