Executive Director of Special Services

Olathe, Kansas
Jan 10, 2018
Job Type

The Executive Director of Special Services is a member of Teaching & Learning Division of the Olathe Public Schools, responsible for the general administration and coordination of all special education and related services for exceptional students and the advancement of teaching and learning. Responsibilities focus on collaboration within the Department of Teaching and Learning with emphasis on student achievement, continuous improvement, navigation and articulation of ongoing changes in compliance requirements with federal and state  regulations and  Board of Education Policies related to provision of special   education.

The Executive Director of Special Services demonstrates the knowledge and skills to successfully ...

+   Develop and implement Teaching  and Learning  initiatives to  improve student  achievement

+   Supervise  and administer  Special  Services  Leadership Team  including coordinators, facilitators

and liaisons

+   Oversight  of Special Services  budget including the monitoring  of local, state and  federal allocations  and expenditures

+   Preparation  and submission  of state reports including VI-Part  B Application,  State  Personnel

Report, Targeted  Improvement  Plan Application  and Catastrophic Aide

+   Implementation,  data collection  and oversight  of reporting compliance with  State  Performance Plan Indicators  in the  Kansas  Integrated Accountability  System (KIAS)

+   Monitor compliance  and supervise  implementation  of special education  legal requirements

resulting from federal and state regulations related to the Individuals with Disabilities  Education Act (IDEA)

+   Oversight  of Medicaid program  including staff training,  billing and recoupment  of funds

+   Support and consultation with  all building  administrators  regarding the  legal provision of  special

education  and related services

+   Facilitate and manage  mediation,  due  process and formal  complaint  resolution processes

+   Responsible for  Special  Education Certified  and Classified Staff

        *Projections of certified and classified staff needed

        *Staffing requests

        *Recruitment and retention of highly qualified  staff 

        *Personnel performance concerns and  complaints

        *Direct report staff evaluations

+   Oversight  of paraeducators  including calculation  of building and program  paraeducator allocations

+   Professional  Growth planning for all Special Services  professional development  activities   within district and approval  of out-of-district  professional  leave activities

+   District facilitator  and member of Olathe Special Services  Site  Council

+   Legislative  liaison at State and  National level regarding funding,  revenue, and oversight   of special education services in the public school systems

+    Ensure continuing  parent and community  satisfaction with the quality  of services   provided

+   Support Special Services  Staff in the implementation  of the web-based  IEP   program

+   Other duties  as assigned

Position  reports directly to Assistant  Superintendent  of General Administration

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