Principal, Elementary or Middle School

Greeley, Colorado
$80,996-118,994 based on experience
Jan 05, 2018
Job Category
Administrator, Principal

Weld County School District Six

JOB TITLE: Principal, Elementary or Middle School                                                 

DAYS PER YEAR:  220 days                                                                             

 SALARY:  Middle School Range 13 ($80,996-118,994 based on experience
                   ​Elementary: Range 12 ($77,147-113,339 based on experience)   

                                               Screening applications begins 1/17/18

EXEMPT: X             

REPORTS TO/EVALUATOR: Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Schools           

LANGUAGE: Bilingual (preferred)             



  • 3 years teaching and 3 years principal or district office administration experience
  • Valid CO principal license, Master’s degree   


The elementary/middle school principal will demonstrate effective leadership skills aimed at developing a caring, collaborative community and guiding a total educational program for elementary/middle school grades that will result in increased student achievement.


Only representative duties are described. Additional related details and miscellaneous duties will be required in the performance of this job.

Essential Job Functions:     

Skilled at Leading Student Achievement Initiatives

Supervises the school’s educational program of highly engaged staff in student achievement. Sets high standards to ensure quality learning experiences that lead to success for all students. Leads and supports a school community that is committed to and focused on a system of learning. Assists in the development, revisions, and evaluation of the Summit Learning Innovation, including Personalized Learning Time, Project Time, Mentorship, and all components of the school’s innovation plan connected to instruction, curriculum, and assessments. Focuses on achievement data in a problem-solving process that includes all staff. Monitors the effective use of instructional time on task. Demonstrates an ability to ensure student academic growth and increased student achievement.

Skilled at Strengthening Partnerships and Communication with Community and Stakeholders

Recognizes, appreciates, and supports ethnic, cultural, gender, economic, and human diversity throughout the school community, while striving to provide fair and equitable treatment and consideration for all. Acts as a liaison by developing positive relations between school, parents, and community. Provides opportunities for parents to interact with staff. Markets the district’s strategic plan. Establishes and maintains active community involvement by encouraging participation in school life. Facilitates the Parent Academy and engages parents into the school’s innovation plan.

Skilled at Problem-Solving and Shared-Decision Making through Consensus

Provides leadership and direction for focused and collaborative staff development.  Demonstrates skills and abilities in working with teachers in developing effective teaching strategies in a team environment. Demonstrates skills in facilitating and developing a unified improvement plan.

Skilled at Managing School Functions

Implements lawful and ethical personnel procedures and evaluations. Responsible for the recruiting, screening, hiring and training of highly qualified building staff. Plans and supervises fire drills and an emergency preparedness program. Maintains high standards of student conduct and enforces discipline as necessary, according to due process to students. Responsible for the school’s extracurricular program. Organizes and manages human and financial resources to create a safe and effective working and learning environment and maximizes the impact to culture and achievement at the school. Develops and supervises the school budget to maximize the use of available resources. Supervises the preparation of the unified improvement plan.  Supervises and maintains accurate internal fund accounting related to all school activities and allied organizations.

Other Functions:

Skilled at Professional Development and Staff Evaluation

Supervises or delegates the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, assigning, and evaluation of the school’s professional staff. Embraces a growth mindset regarding staff performance and works continually to help them improve their professional practice. May need to recommend the removal of a teacher whose work is unsatisfactory, according to established evaluation procedures. Encourages a culture of continuous learning and supports the personal and professional development of self and others. Assists in the in-service orientation and training of teachers.  Willing to lead through consensus/shared decision-making model.

Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools, Summit Learning, and the Colorado Department of Education to successfully implement the state approved Innovation Plan and ensures that student achievement benchmarks are met or exceeded.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, and Mental Ability

Knowledge of Colorado and district content standards. Successful completion of CPI training.  Use of telephone, copier, and software programs such as Applitrack, Infinite Visions, and Infinite Campus, Tableau, and Summit Learning platform.

Physical Requirements Needed to Perform Job:

Infrequent lifting of objects not exceeding 20 pounds. Visual, auditory and ambulatory ability. Hand and finger dexterity. Physical and mental abilities sufficient to perform the essential functions and duties of the position as outlined.


Environmental Demands of Job:

Use of visual display terminal. Occasional weather extremes may affect working conditions.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Greeley-Evans School District 6 shall not discriminate in its employment or hiring practices on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability.  The Superintendent is committed to cultural diversity among district personnel as a means of enriching educational experience.  The District shall identify, solicit, and consider applicants for employment from a broad spectrum of qualified individuals who will contribute to that effort.

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