United Schools Network, School Director

Columbus, OH, United States
Jan 03, 2018
The United Schools Network (USN) is a nonprofit organization in Columbus, Ohio, that starts and manages urban public charter schools that close the opportunity gap. The network includes two high-performing middle schools, a high-performing elementary school, and launched a second elementary school in the fall of 2017. We are seeking a School Director to join our network at Columbus Collegiate Academy-Dana Ave.

Vision & Mission
Vision: For every child, an open door.

Mission: Transforming lives and our communities through the power of education.

Core Values
  • All students have the ability to achieve academic excellence.
  • All students thrive in a highly disciplined school environment. All students must be prepared to excel in demanding high schools on their way to selective colleges. All students deserve outstanding teachers that produce outstanding results.
    Our Students and Results
      Admission is open to all students; academic proficiency is not considered during the admissions process. 75% of our students are students of color and 90% are economically disadvantaged. USN schools serve students in grades K-8 and have a robust alumni services program. USN 8 th graders regularly gain acceptance to the top high school programs in the city.

    Joining Our Team
    Columbus Collegiate Academy will consider hiring a School Director with the following skills and characteristics:


    • Embodies, advocates, and operationalizes the school's mission, vision, expectations, and values.
    • Demonstrates a high level of professional maturity including emotional constancy in stressful situations.
    • Has the ability to bring out the best in others and acts as a positive force to motivate others.
    • Carefully manages tasks and time by being extremely well-organized and detail-oriented.
    • Demonstrates tenacity and persistence in pursuit of solutions that maximize student achievement.
    • Works collaboratively with the leadership team and instructional staff to support the needs of students.
    • Is open and committed to implementing frequent feedback from lead teachers and school leaders.
    • Exhibits the ability to effectively relate to, engage, and communicate with a diverse group of students and their families in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings.
    • Communicates effectively in both formal and informal settings.

    Culture & Communication

      Able to establish a school culture that is centered on core values that ultimately deeply cares for each student and staff member and holds each student and staff member to the highest level of accountability. Creates a professional learning community in which teachers regularly collaborate to reflect on and refine curriculum and instruction at the school using achievement data, student work, and their own observations and experiences. Demonstrates the ability to effectively relate to and engage students in relationships in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings. Ensures effective communication with families with respect to student academic performance, student conduct, school programs, and school performance.

    Instructional Leadership

      Demonstrates ability to provide instructional leadership informed by a nuanced understanding of USN best practices. Demonstrates ability to provide teachers with specific, actionable, qualitative (i.e., narrative) and quantitative (i.e., rubric) feedback on their performance in all areas. Able to manage a data-driven instructional process that includes rigorous interim assessments that are effectively aligned with year-end assessments and college readiness. Able to align all other school leadership components to the data-driven instructional process (professional development, curriculum development, teacher observation/supervision, etc.)


      Hires outstanding, mission-aligned staff members dedicated to the success of USN students. Able to create and implement systems that "sweat the small stuff," maximize the programmatic goals of the school, and are scalable as the school grows. Develops solutions to complex problems that involve multiple stakeholders and steps. Continuously improves the school's manuals that in turn provide the foundation for professional learning. Manages with fiscal responsibility. Develops a disciplined planning process that identifies and allocates resources to the school's highest-priorities.

    The School Director will be evaluated based on data-driven performance indicators including, but not limited to student attendance, measurable student learning gains on state tests and internal standardized testing, student retention and parent/student satisfaction.

    Experience Required: School Director candidates should demonstrate proven school leadership skills in urban settings with an emphasis on data-driven instruction, proficiency with Teach Like a Champion 2.0 techniques , and demonstrable gains in student achievement. It is also preferred that the candidate have 3+ years working in urban classrooms and schools, as well as possess an advanced degree.

    Terms of Employment: This position will begin on or about July 1, 2018 though applications will be considered immediately. Compensation and benefits are competitive; School Directors participate in Ohio's State Teacher Retirement System. Columbus Collegiate Academy is an equal opportunity employer.

    Position: School Director

    Reports to: Chief Schools Officer