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Assistant Director of Physical Plant Services

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Winnetka Campus

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Title: Assistant Director of Physical Plant Services
Assignment: 12 month
Location: Winnetka
Reports to: Director of Physical Plant Services
Supervises: Physical Plant Services Department staff (in conjunction with Director of Physical Plant Services)

Position Overview:
Provides all students and staff with a physical learning environment that is safe, clean, attractive, and operational and meets modern standards for teaching, learning and energy efficiency. This position will assist the Director of Physical Plant Services in all aspects of facility management, with a primary focus on energy management including the evaluation and implementation of energy efficiency solutions. The position will also focus on the oversight of construction projects, including maintaining the District's 15 year facility plan and supervising projects from concept development to execution.

  1. Preferred candidates will possess a bachelor's degree
  2. Three or more years of experience in facilities management
  3. Knowledge of energy guidelines, standards and utility rebate processes
  4. Three or more years of experience overseeing construction projects
  5. Experience analyzing problems and developing action plans
  6. Must have positive interpersonal skills to work professionally with staff and have experience establishing effective and collaborative relationships with community members and other agencies
  7. Must have excellent technical competencies in a variety of areas including use of technology, math skills, writing and editing, organization, problem-solving, multi-tasking, and record keeping
  8. Possesses hands-on experience with HVAC units, BAS (Building Automation Systems), electrical, building maintenance, and safety protocols
  9. Possesses a working knowledge of all applicable OSHA, EPA, and Illinois School Code regulations that apply to the Physical Plant Services Department
  10. Must possess a valid Illinois Driver's License and be available on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

  1. Strong understanding of building envelope, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, building systems, energy markets, alternative energy technology, energy project implementation, and the building construction process.
  2. Knowledge of energy efficiency and green building principles.
  3. Ability to analyze and interpret technical data.
  4. Experience developing project plans and participating in project teams.
  5. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  6. Ability to comprehend both oral and written instructions to carry out complex tasks
  7. Excellent project planning, leadership and analytical skills.
  8. Excellent technology skills, including spreadsheet, AutoCAD and presentation software.
  9. Ability to develop effective working relationships with students, staff and the school community.
  10. Ability to read and interpret documents, including blueprints .
  11. Ability to write complex reports and correspondence.
  12. Ability to present information to District staff, leaders and others as needed.

  1. Coordinates District's facilities sustainability program:
    1. Develops and implements an energy efficiency program for the district, reducing both the environmental impact of operating the campuses and utility costs.
    2. Identifying and analyzing energy usage data and trends.
    3. Coordinates periodic energy audits to identify areas where equipment or procedures can be improved to reduce energy usage.
    4. Collaborating with facility managers on building system upgrades and the implementation of new systems and optimization of current systems for energy efficiency.
    5. Research and keep up to date with energy legislation, environmental laws and industry trends.
    6. Attends sustainability committee meetings and provides project updates and goals.
    7. Manage energy savings contracts, bills, and invoices.
    8. Monitor energy use and communicate achievements to District Administrators.
    9. Develops and implements an energy dashboard to monitor and communicate energy usage and track usage and savings over time.
    10. Research and complete grants related to energy efficiency.
  2. Coordinates development and administration of district construction projects:
    1. Works with District stakeholders, the Architect and Construction Management Company to develop a fifteen (15) year plan list of projects and budget requirements to maintain district facilities with a focus on the next five (5) years
    2. Monitors construction budget and ensures projects are on-time and within budget.
    3. Reviews and approves bid specifications developed by Architect and Construction Management company.
    4. Serves as owner's representative at weekly construction meetings.
    5. Monitors work performed by construction trades and work with the Construction Management company to ensure conformance with bid specifications.
    6. Supervises and inspects the improvements and renovation work performed by outside contractors, verifies that the terms of all such contracts have been fulfilled, and authorizes payments to all outside contractors performing work for the district
    7. Reviews and approves construction change orders and invoices.
    8. Works with Associate Superintendent and PPS Director in the selection of District Architect and Construction Management Company
    9. Recommending energy-efficient equipment to our construction design team
    10. Serves as the liaison with the Village of Northfield, Village of Winnetka, and the North Cook Regional Office of Education Intermediate Service Center (NCISC) for Planning, Zoning, and Fire requirements to obtain building permits
    11. Assists the Associate Superintendent and PPS Director with the development of agenda items and supporting documents for Facilities Steering Committee Meetings
  3. Personnel
    1. Organize and implement training and processes to educate and motivate PPS staff on following and identifying energy saving opportunities.
    2. Assists in the recruitment, employment, assignment, transfer, promotion, demotion, or dismissals as needed.
    3. Assist with conducting a continuing program of staff training as required by OSHA and the Illinois School Code along with training to improve the skills of staff.
    4. Assists with schedules and work routines for departmental personnel
  4. Additional Functions
    1. Implement training programs for district staff on building automation and building systems.
    2. Develops and monitors the district's construction budget.
    3. Manages district property insurance programs.
    4. Attends Board of Education, committee and other meetings as requested.
    5. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Director of Physical Plant Services and the Associate Superintendent.

FLSA: Exempt
Human Resources 7/24

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