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Anticipated Specialized Learning Center Teacher

Marion City Schools
Marion, OH, US

Marion, Ohio

January 25, 2024


Anticipated Opening for 2024-25 School Year


Anticipated Specialized Learning Center Teacher (Intervention Specialist) - High School



Responsible To:

Building Principal/Administrator


Educational assistants (para-professionals)/volunteers/student teachers


Certificate, license, or other legal credential required.
Degree(s) required in area of major study.

Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may

find appropriate and acceptable.

Terms of Employment:

Contract, salary, and benefits per negotiated agreement.

Job Goal:

To provide each student with disabilities a program that will enable the student to reach his or her fullest physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral potential.

Performance Responsibilities:
  • Provides a basic core program and academic curriculum for students with disabilities consistent with the state educational code requirements.
  • Works cooperatively with classroom teachers who have students with disabilities in general education classes, interpreting the abilities and disabilities of these students to the entire staff and assisting the student with regular class assignments.
  • Confers frequently with parents and professional staff members regarding the educational, social, and personal problems of such students.
  • Assists other professional staff members in resolving the unique psychological or disciplinary needs of each student.
  • Assists screening, evaluating, and recommending placements of applicants in the school's program for students with disabilities.
  • Assists students with disabilities in making realistic assessments of their abilities and in establishing educational and occupational goals in keeping with these abilities.
  • Takes responsibility for professional growth and development.
  • Demonstrates a focus for student learning, creating individualized Education Programs (IEP's) with appropriate learning objectives that include measurable goal(s) for student learning aligned with the Ohio standards and individual students' needs.
  • Supports the learning needs of students, through a variety of strategies, materials, and/or pacing that make learning accessible and challenging for each student.
  • Maintains positive rapport with students and demonstrates respect for and interest in all students.
  • Provides substantive, specific, and timely feedback of student progress to students, families, and other school personnel while maintaining confidentially.
  • Uses effective communication strategies with students and families and works effectively with colleagues to examine problems of practice, analyze student work, and identify targeted strategies.
  • Meets ethical and professional responsibilities with integrity and honesty. The teacher models and upholds district policies and state and federal regulations.
  • Makes provisions for being available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms.
  • Modifies traditional education curriculum to meet each child's needs.
  • Uses various teaching methods to promote learning, including intensive individualized instruction, problem-solving assignments, and small group work.
  • Ensures appropriate accommodations are available in class and when a student needs to take a test.
  • Develops an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each student.
  • Develops transition plan outlining specific steps to prepare students for middle school or high school or a job or postsecondary study.
  • Reviews the IEP with the student's parents, school administrators, and the student's general education teachers.
  • Informs parents of child's progress.
  • Designs and teaches appropriate curricula.
  • Helps general educators adapt curriculum materials and teaching techniques to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as required.
  • Ensures the safety of students.
  • Provides daily supervision of classroom aides/paraprofessionals.
  • Collaborates directly with related services staff to meet the needs of all students.
  • Provides Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) to meet students' unique and individual needs.
  • Utilizes Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training and de-escalation strategies when appropriate.
  • Initiates behavioral interventions through a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and/or behavior intervention plan (BIP) to establish and maintain student behavioral expectations if necessary.
  • Provides daily supervision of classroom aides/paraprofessionals.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the superintendent, building administrator, and/or Student Services director/supervisor.
Required knowledge, skills and abilities :
  • Maintain appropriate licenses/endorsements and training hours as required.
  • Comply with applicable District, state, local and federal laws, rules and regulations.
  • Adhere to all standards established by the Ohio Department of Education for Licensed Educators.
  • Maintain good attendance and punctuality.
  • Maintain knowledge of academic area, teaching methodology and strategies to engage students.
  • Ability to work effectively with others.
  • Ability to communicate ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.
Other Duties and Responsibilities :
  • Exhibit professional behavior, emotional stability and sound judgement.
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect for confidential information at all times.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships.
  • Attends meetings, professional development and serves on staff committees as required.
  • Interacts in a positive manner with staff, students and parents.
  • Refer suspected cases of child abuse immediately to the appropriate child protective services/law enforcement agency as mandated by state law and Board of Education policy.
  • Promote good public relations by personal appearance, attitude and conversation.
  • Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect district equipment, materials and facilities.
  • Plans purposeful assignments for educational assistants (para-professionals), volunteers and student teachers.

Each staff member shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance and abuse of any prescribed controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the District.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

*This job description identifies primary responsibilities and is not intended to be a complete list of all tasks and activities. This job description is subject to change in response to student demographics, staffing factors, funding variables, modified operating procedures, program/curriculum changes as directed by the Superintendent of Marion City Schools.

Marion City Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer
It is the policy of the Marion City Schools Board of Education that the best qualified applicant shall be selected for each position without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, political affiliation, disabling or military status. No person shall be denied employment solely because of any impairment which is unrelated to the ability to participate in activities involved in the position or program for which application has been made.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in being considered for this position, you must apply on the Marion City School's website prior to 3:30 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2024. Here is the link to apply

If you have questions, contact Jen Sheridan, Director of Student Services, via email.

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