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Drama Director - Extracurricular

Job Details

The BHS Drama Department is looking for a director for the 2024-2025 School Year.

Requirements include: Rehearsal after school and weekends for three production seasons: Fall Musical, Winter One Act Festival, and Spring 3 Act Play. The Musical and the One Act Festival are designed to include any and all who wish to participate which means that no one is cut from the cast. This can result in casts over fifty for the Musical and it can also mean that the Director and the Assistant Director may have to direct as many as five one act plays in addition to those being directed by the Senior members of the Club. The Spring Production is the only play which has a limited cast; it can be seen as the "varsity" play. Casts for this show must also be no smaller than ten, but the average is twenty cast members.

Musical: Second week in August until third week in November.

One Act Festival: Second week in December until third week in February.

Full-length Spring Production (3 Act comedy/drama) : First week in March until last week in May.

Oversee all operations BHS Drama Club including, but not limited to:

  • Casting, directing three productions a year starting the second week of August and ending the fourth week of May
  • Setting weekly schedules for casts after school and Sunday afternoons and tech crew evenings and Sunday mornings
  • Communicating clearly with the Assistant Director concerning all aspects of daily rehearsal schedules and the assignment for the week being given to the AD.
  • Consulting with the AD and delegating tasks to her/him necessary to the production
  • Communicating with school administrative assistants concerning yearly/daily schedule for use of auditorium space as well as locker rooms during production weeks.
  • Maintaining a safe, welcoming and productive environment overseeing cast of 5-85 students and a construction and tech crew of 5-25
  • Choosing appropriate productions for students in grades 9-12 that will also fund the program (no budget from district)
  • Managing costumes, props,building supplies.
  • Managing a budget which must be used to purchase all items necessary for a production: fabric, patterns, paint, lumber, tools, costumes, shoes, wigs, hardware, lighting supplies, sound rental, royalties, contracts, advertising, etc.
  • Ensuring the timely payment of all bills for rented equipment, contracts, materials, etc.
  • Ensuring the timely return of all rented materials such as sound and lighting equipment.
  • Overseeing the set construction for each show (historically this is evening and weekend work)
  • Creating a set design and consulting with construction advisor (an adult, often a parent volunteer) to ensure safety and functionality of the design
  • Communication with parents and students regarding all details concerning rehearsals, personal problems, schedules, etc.
  • Facilitating contracts, materials (scripts and PR/Media) with production houses for rights to shows
  • Choosing/designing/ researching costumes appropriate for productions, characters, and historical time period and ensuring that all students, regardless of talent, size or ability are costumed well and are comfortable in the ultimate choice.
  • Coordinating costume design and construction (selection and connecting with volunteer sewers)
  • Working with other directors (musical, lighting, choreography, construction) to establish a cohesive vision for each production
  • Coordinating and maintaining communication with volunteers (set construction, costumes, make-up/hair, ticket sales, concession)
  • Overseeing and coordinating the striking of all sets after each season and the appropriate storing of lumber, furniture and set pieces, as well as the disposal of materials which cannot be recycled for future productions, the laundering or dry cleaning of costumes and the storage of all costumes, props, shoes, building materials and tools in their assigned locations.
  • Educating the club members concerning proper and safe behavior on and off stage
  • Educating the construction and technical crews about correct and safe use of equipment and tools as well as safe backstage protocol concerning handling the rigging, quick costume changes by cast, prop placement and set changing during shows
  • Other duties as assigned

Primary Location:
Burlington High School
Salary Range:
Extracurricular (Stipend)
Shift Type:
Regular Extracurricular


The Burlington School District believes a diverse and culturally proficient faculty and staff are pivotal to the creation of a strong learning and working environment that supports student achievement and success. BSD administrators lead inclusive school communities with our vision: "Cultivating caring, creative, and courageous people. - Join the journey.” Located in Burlington, Vermont. The District has a vibrant, picturesque, culturally diverse community on Lake Champlain. With our excellent school system, parks, and local ski mountains within an hour’s drive, it is not surprising that Burlington routinely finds itself on the “best places in the country to raise children” lists.




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