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24-25 - Sherman - Library Media Technology Specialist - 1.0 FTE (40 hpw)

Madison Metropolitan School District
Madison, WI, US
24-25 - Sherman - Library Media Technology Specialist - 1.0 FTE (40 hpw)

Sherman Middle

Sherman Middle

Minimum Annual Compensation: $48,656

MMSD is seeking highly motivated and energetic teacher applicants for openings for the 2023-2024 school year. The Madison Metropolitan School District actively seeks and encourages women and candidates of color to apply.

Becoming a Model School District

The Madison Metropolitan School District has a simple but bold vision - that every school will be a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school ready for college, career and community. We know that vision doesn't come to life without the very best leaders throughout our district. Our strategy is captured in our strategic framework, and centers on three major goals: that all children achieve academically, that our schools are places where children and adults thrive, and that our Black youth excel at school. We have made major gains and are more resolved than ever to build on our progress.

We know this vision doesn't come to life without dynamic leaders in every school. For more information on our teacher screening and selection process, please visit our TEACH Madison webpage.

About Our District

The Madison Metropolitan School District is the second largest school district in Wisconsin. The district serves a beautifully diverse population of more than 27,000 students. More than half are students of color. Almost half come from low income households. Nearly one third are English Language Learners, and more than 100 languages are represented in our schools. Madison schools are committed to making this district a place where every child thrives.

Purpose of Position

The purpose of the School Library Media Technology Specialist (LMTS) position is to develop and implement a school library program that is aligned with the mission, goals and objectives of the school district. The LMTS strives to collaborate with teachers to connect all learners to literature, resources, and technology in order to instill a love of learning and ensure equitable and informed access to information. The LMTS empowers learners to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and effective and ethical users of ideas and information in the information and digital era.

Essential Duties

  • Planning and Preparation The Environment: Building the Learning Environment

    • Learning Space

      • Work with school leadership to ensure that library hours, space, and seating provides flexible and optimal access for all learners and allows for creativity and collaboration
      • Creates a welcoming and accessible library space for all staff, students, and families
    • Collection Selection, Development, and Information Access

      • Builds, maintains and organizes a comprehensive, current collection supporting different levels, languages, cultures for maximum use
      • Anticipates resource needs, both print and digital, through collaborative partnerships and regularly borrows, lends, and responds to requests from other libraries
      • Collaborates with teachers and administrators to select and evaluate appropriate materials, both digital tools and print resources that enhance teaching and learning
    • Resource Management: Budget, Policies, and Staffing

      • Spends Common School Fund allocation in accordance with state guidelines
      • Communicates policies and procedures to the school community (students, staff and families)
      • Instructs and directs support staff, volunteers, and student assistants
      • Curate, track, and monitor both digital and print resources via resource manager
  • Instruction and Assessment: Innovation Teaching for Learning

    • Collaborative Planning

      • Collaborates with teams of teachers to implement information literacy, research, and digital citizenship best practices while planning, teaching, reflecting and adjusting
      • Assists in developing collaborative projects and across the building
    • Information and Technology Skills Integration

      • Consults with teachers, staff, and school-based leadership and offers professional development to staff to integrate information and technology skills into all curricular areas
      • Models the use of online digital content and collaborative learning to support and extend student and staff learning opportunities anytime, anywhere
      • Models and facilitates safe, healthy, legal, and ethical uses of digital information and technologies
    • Teaching and Learning

      • Supports reading and creates an environment where reading is valued for lifelong learning
      • Provides collaborative instruction that addresses multiple literacies such as written, audio, visual and digital
      • Leads and models the use of emerging resources that allow students and staff to interact with, curate and present information
      • Models and promotes diversity, cultural understanding, and global awareness
      • Support students and teachers in Gradual Release of Responsibility, moving students from dependent to independent learners
  • Professional Responsibilities and Growth: Empowering Learning Through Leadership

    • Staff Development

      • Collaborates with district and building leaders to conduct needs assessments, and to develop and implement technology-rich professional learning opportunities for staff members
    • Advocacy

      • Advocates for, promotes and reports about the role and services of the school library media program, and its impact on student achievement
      • Seeks administrative support to ensure that the library media program is a key component of student achievement
      • Communicate with students, staff, parents, and community and district partners to create awareness and promote the library and available resources
      • Serves on school-based decision-making teams
      • Advocates for equity and is passionate about closing the achievement gap and ensuring that every child, regardless of background or circumstances, receives an excellent education
    • Professional Development

      • Seeks and participates in learning opportunities which support professional growth in areas aligned to SIP goals, and the Ignite Plan, and stays current on issues and trends in order to provide building level leadership and expertise
      • Remains current in professional practices and developments, information technologies, and education research applicable to school library programs
Employees with disabilities must meet qualification standards that are job-related and consistent with business necessity and must be able to perform the "essential functions" of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Position Competencies

  • High Expectations For Every Student
  • Quality Instructional Practice
  • Cultural Competence
  • Data Proficiency
  • Team Collaboration
  • Student & Family Engagement
  • Resilience & Results Orientation
  • Self-Awareness & Growth Mindset

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree. Official transcripts are required for formal employment.
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) teaching license in one of the following areas:

    • Initial Instructional Library Media Specialist
    • Professional Library Media Specialist
    • Library Media Supervisor
    • Applications are considered on a rolling basis. MMSD will consider applicants who are fully licensed before considering applicants who are not yet licensed.
    • If you do not already have an active Wisconsin teaching license, you must obtain and maintain the necessary license(s) for the position. An application must be on file within 30 days of starting your employment with MMSD. Failure to do so will result in your contract being voided.
    • The district does not provide financial support for the continued education that is required to achieve the certification. The district does not select or endorse any particular certification program that leads to the required Wisconsin teaching license. An unlicensed candidate can be considered, but they must be hired by a school district in order to apply for a One-Year License with Stipulations with DPI.

      • For more information about the One Year with Stipulations licensing process:
      • To search DPI-approved certification programs:
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, customer service experience a plus
  • Strong technology skills applicable to instruction
  • Leadership and coaching/training experience preferred

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