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Special Education Teacher - 24 -25 SY

Orange County Schools
Hillsborough, NC, US

Job Details

  • Position Type:
    Student Support Services/Alternative Curriculum

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Locust Grove Primary School

  • Date Available:
    24-25 SY

  • Closing Date:
    Open until filled

  • Candidates must hold or be eligible for a Virginia Teaching License. OCPS also collaborates with Mary Baldwin University and iteach to offer pathways for individuals to become fully certified.

    Endorsement requirements: The candidate shall have:

    1. Earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and graduated from an approved program in special education - adapted curriculum; or

    2. Earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and completed 27 semester hours in the education of students with disabilities as distributed in the following areas:

    a. Core coursework: 12 semester hours distributed among the following areas:

    (1) Foundations: 3 semester hours. Characteristics that include knowledge of the foundation for educating students with disabilities; historical, ethical, and legal aspects that include an understanding and application of the federal and state regulatory requirements; and expectations associated with identification, education, and evaluation of students with disabilities;

    (2) Assessment and evaluation: 3 semester hours. Includes an understanding and application of the foundation of assessment and evaluation related to best practices in special education, including types and characteristics of assessment, introduction to formal and informal assessment, and the use of assessments and other information to determine special education eligibility, service delivery, curriculum, and instruction of students with disabilities. Understanding of the current legal and ethical issues related to assessment selection and use, including comprehensive evaluation requirements, students with disabilities participation in the state and local accountability systems, assessment options, appropriate grading and testing accommodations, and assessment of students from diverse backgrounds.

    (3) Collaboration that includes skills in consultation, case management, co-teaching, and collaboration: 3 semester hours. Includes understanding roles and responsibilities, knowledge and application of effective communication skills and of culturally responsive practices and strategies, and the ability to develop home, school, and community partnerships to address the needs of students with disabilities.

    (4) Management of classroom instruction and behaviors: 3 semester hours. Includes an understanding and knowledge of research-based classroom management techniques, positive behaviors supports, and individual interventions and a demonstrated ability to create a safe, orderly classroom environment, including classroom organization, instructional design, and establishment of classroom routines and procedures. Knowledge of the elements of effective instructional planning, differentiation of instruction, and other instructional approaches to enhance student engagement and achievement. Understanding of behavior assessments, data collection and analysis, and development and monitoring of behavior intervention plans.

    b. Adapted curriculum coursework: 15 semester hours of coursework distributed in the following areas:

    (1) Characteristics: 3 semester hours. Skills in this area include the ability to demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics, including medical and health conditions, and learning and support needs of students with disabilities (K-12) whose cognitive and functional skills are significantly different from typically developing peers and therefore require adaptations to the general curriculum for an appropriate education, including, but not limited to, students with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delay, intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, and multiple disabilities including sensory, deaf-blindness, speech-language, orthopedic and other health impairments as an additional disability to those referenced above.

    (2) Individualized education program (IEP) implementation: 3 semester hours. Knowledge of the eligibility process and legal and regulatory requirements of IEP development, including timelines, components, team composition, roles, and responsibilities. Skills in this area include the ability to apply knowledge of assessment and evaluation throughout the K-12 grade levels to construct, use, and interpret a variety of standardized and nonstandardized data collection techniques; to make decisions about student progress, instruction, program, goal development, modifications, adaptations, placement, and teaching methodology for students with disabilities who are accessing the general education curriculum and Virginia Standards of Learning through an aligned curriculum; and to demonstrate the use of assessment, evaluation, and other information to develop and implement individual educational planning and group instruction with students with disabilities in an adapted curriculum across the K-12 grade levels.

    (3) Transitioning: 3 semester hours. Skills in this area include the ability to prepare students and work with families to provide successful student transitions throughout the educational experience to include postsecondary education, training, employment, and independent living that addresses an understanding of long-term planning, age-appropriate transition assessments, career development, life skills, community experiences and resources, and self-determination to include goal setting, decision making, problem solving, self-awareness and self-advocacy, guardianship, and other legal considerations.

    (4) Instructional methods and strategies for the adapted curriculum: 3 semester hours. An understanding and application of service delivery, curriculum, and instruction of students with disabilities who need an adapted curriculum. Knowledge of the general curriculum requirements and expectations and how to provide access to the curriculum based on student characteristics and needs. Skills in this area include the ability to understand and use a range of modifications, adaptations, special instructional strategies, and research-based interventions that reflect best practice in reading, writing, and mathematics instruction for students with more significant disabilities; ability to align the instructional practices and intervention with the Virginia Standards of Learning and state assessments; knowledge of available assistive and instructional technologies, including alternative communication methods and systems to promote learning and independence for students with disabilities in the adaptive curriculum and the ability to evaluate its effectiveness; ability to develop and use curriculum-based and standardized assessment to conduct ongoing evaluations of instructional material and practices to determine effectiveness and assess student needs as they relate to curriculum design and delivery; ability to modify and adapt instructional content in a variety of settings and collaborate with general education content teachers to develop and implement instructional practices that meet the needs of students with disabilities in the adapted curriculum and monitor student progress.

    (5) Individualized supports and specialized care of students with significant disabilities: 3 semester hours. Knowledge of and ability to implement adapted strategies to address the positioning, handling, communication, personal care, and medical needs of students with significant disabilities. Knowledge and understanding of the roles of related disciplines and service providers in collaborative planning and service delivery. Demonstration of the ability to develop and utilize a blended curriculum design to address disability-specific or unique needs such as feeding and communication while addressing the adapted curriculum requirements.


    Our vision is to provide a public school system that prepares all students to be creative, constructive thinkers who become healthy, productive and responsible members of our community and the world.  Our mission is to provide learning opportunities that develop resourceful citizens prepared to engage in an ever changing and diverse world.

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    200 East King St
    North Carolina

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