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Principal ES 24-25 SY

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
Whites Creek, TN, United States

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Administrator, Principal
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Job Summary (2-3 sentences describing job purpose): Supervises staff and oversees and direct operation of the assigned elementary school. Responsible for staff supervision, instructional and extra-curricular programs, budget, discipline, student safety, student/personnel data, public relations, technology systems, facilities, supplies and equipment, and reporting. Develops and implements programs within organizational policies; reports major activities to executive level administrators through conferences and reports. Attends or conducts staff, committee, PTA and other professional meetings to exchange information; attends professional classes, seminars, or conferences to improve professional skills.

Reports to: EDSSI

Department Name: Curriculum & Instruction

Primary Job Duties/Responsibilities : List, in the order of importance or time spent, the essential duties/tasks performed by the position. This is not an exhaustive list and employees may be assigned additional duties by management as required. Regular and reliable attendance is an expectation of the job.

Job Duty/Resp. 1:

Supervises staff, including selecting or recommending selection, training, assigning and evaluating work, counseling, disciplining, and terminating or recommending termination.
Job Duty/Resp. 2:

Provides leadership in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating instructional programs; supervises school financial and business matters.
Job Duty/Resp. 3:

Develops, prepares and administers approved departmental budget; monitors and approves expenditures; prepares financial forms and reports.
Job Duty/Resp. 4:

Establishes and maintains positive public relations with staff members, students, parents, and community; meets with students, parents and teachers to resolve issues/problems.
Job Duty/Resp. 5:

Reviews and makes recommendations on proposed policies and/or changes in existing policies; implements policies as approved by the Board of Education; enforces policies and procedures for student discipline and protects students' rights.
Job Duty/Resp. 6:

Gathers and maintains information/data to support periodic and special reports documenting activities for area of responsibility. Maintains record system for area of responsibility; process daily paperwork including reports, memos, requisitions, and personnel information. Supervises compilation of student data, including report cards, transcripts, and attendance.
Job Duty/Resp. 7:

Sets guidelines and supervises school clubs and organizations affiliated with the school. Schedules classes and extra-curricular activities for students; coordinates safety inspections and safety drill activities; provides logistic support for school transportation.
Job Duty/Resp. 8:

Monitors and oversees use of materials and equipment by school personnel; ensures proper maintenance of school facilities.
Job Duty/Resp. 9:

Job Duty/Resp. 10:

Job Duty/Resp. 11:

Instructions: Fill in all blanks and dropdowns. Kronos access questions must be completed for payroll.

Education and Experience Requirements

Education (training/degree): Required minimum-Master's degree in Elementary Education, Educational Administration, or a closely related field

Licenses, Certifications or Registrations Required:  ILL-B or ILL-P TN Administrative License (current w/ the completion of the Praxis), External candidates with administrator licensure will be reviewed for eligibility.

Experience: 6 full years of certificated experience (inclusive of 2 years of leadership experience as an Assistant Principal or a comparable role)

Skills Required:

General Skills, Responsibilities, Requirements, and Impacts

Data Responsibility:

Level 6: Synthesizes or integrates analysis of data or information to discover facts or develop knowledge or interpretations; modifies policies, procedures, or methodologies based on findings.

People Responsibility:

Level 6: Negotiates or exchanges ideas, information, and opinions with others to formulate policies and programs, or arrive jointly at decisions, conclusions, or solutions.

Assets Responsibility:

Level 8: Requires responsibility and opportunity for achieving widespread economies and/or preventing losses through the development and administration of organization-wide programs and policies that impact major departments.

Mathematical Requirements:

Level 3: Uses basic algebra calculating variables and formulas, and/or basic geometry, calculating plane and solid figures; may compute discounts, interest, ratios and proportions, and percentages.

Communications Requirements:

Level 6: Reads journals and manuals; composes specialized reports/analysis; speaks to large groups of coworkers and people outside the organization.

Complexity of Work:

Level 7: Performs work involving the application of broad principles of professional management and leadership to solve new problems for which conventional solutions do not exist; requires sustained, intense concentration for accurate results

Impact of Decisions:

Level 5: Makes decisions with serious impact - affects most units in organization, and may affect citizens.

Equipment Usage (if applicable):

Safety of Others:

Level 5: Requires management level responsibility for application and interpretation of the policies regarding the provision of continuous enforcement of the laws and standards of public health and safety.

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