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Waterbury Public Schools
Waterbury, CT, US

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Teaching, Athletics Coach
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Crosby High School

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Until Filled

February 14, 2023

Waterbury Public Schools

Job Assignment Title
Crosby High School-JV Boys Soccer

Extracurricular Schedule
Appendix B
Assistant Boys Soccer Coach (with JV Team for entire season)- Fall



March 8, 2023

Reports to:
This job assignment receives administrative direction from the Head Coach, Director of Sports or other administrator as assigned.

Summary of Assignment

This job assignment is accountable for assisting in instructing student athletes in a specific sports activity and providing leadership in helping each participating student achieve a high level of skill, and appreciation for the values of discipline and sportsmanship and an increased level of self-esteem.

Minimum Education and Experience
  1. Certificate of Completion for Module 15 from the Connecticut Coaching Education Program.
  2. Connecticut State Department of Education Coach permit or Temporary Coach permit.
  3. Current CPR and First Aid Certificates.
  4. High School diploma or GED.
  5. Life Guard Certification-Swimming Only.
  6. Successful completion of pre-employment process.
  7. Incumbents in this class may be required to possess and retain a current Motor Vehicle operator's license.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Knowledge of coaching techniques and human behavior;
  • Knowledge of the specific assigned sport;
  • Knowledge of the federal, State and Board policies and regulations regarding student conduct and appropriate disciplinary action;
  • Basic skills in equipment repair and maintenance as applicable;
  • Coaching skills;
  • Effective, active listening skills;
  • Organizational and problem-solving skills;
  • Public speaking skills;
  • Ability to communicate ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Ability to diffuse potentially volatile situations;
  • Ability to establish and maintain rapport with students;
  • Ability to physically perform essential functions;
  • Ability to recognize and treat minor athletic injuries;
  • Ability to work assigned hours;
  • Ability to work effectively with others;
  • Leadership ability;
  • Ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Essential Functions

The following identifies the primary and essential functions of the assignment and is not intended to be an exhaustive listing of all duties.
  • Assists head coach in planning and scheduling a regular program of practice in season in accordance with District policy and State athletic rules/regulations;
  • Assists head coach with end of year inventory and award information as requested;
  • Assists head coach with team rosters as requested;
  • Assists in efforts to improve the program;
  • Assists in managing athlete behavior during all athletic practices, competitions, and events;
  • Assists in overseeing the safety conditions of the facility/area in which assigned sport is conducted at all times, especially, when students are present;
  • Assists players in the care and prevention of injuries;
  • Assists the head coach in assigned sport and associated activities;
  • Assists the head coach in maintaining necessary attendance forms, accident reports and similar paperwork;
  • Assists the head coach in recommending purchase of equipment, supplies and uniforms, as appropriate;
  • Assists the head coach, when necessary, in scheduling contests and transportation where applicable;
  • Attends clinics, camps, and seminars as required;
  • Attends coaches and rules interpretation meetings;
  • Coaches individual participants in the skills necessary for achievement in the sport involved;
  • Collects all uniforms and equipment at the end of the season;
  • Communicates with classroom teachers to encourage individual success of each player;
  • Communicates with head coach regarding coaching strategies and procedures;
  • Complies with Board policies and District procedures in the development and maintenance of the interscholastic athletics program;
  • Conducts oneself with tact and diplomacy;
  • Enforces discipline and sportsmanlike behavior at all times and assists in establishing and overseeing penalties for breach of such standards by individual students;
  • Enforces rules and regulations which have been established by the head coach and distributes copies of same to all team members prior to the start of the season;
  • Ensures appropriate attire at practices and events;
  • Ensures practice and repetition of fundamentals;
  • Ensures proper care of equipment;
  • Ensures proper organization of practices and drills;
  • Ensures safety of students;
  • Ensures that all tasks are completed in a timely manner;
  • Evaluates assigned programs and submits written reports to the head coach at the conclusion of the season;
  • Evaluates players;
  • Follows all applicable State laws and CIAC regulations as outlined in the CIAC Handbook;
  • Follows District procedures in establishing performance criteria for eligibility in interscholastic competition in assigned sport;
  • Interacts in a positive manner with staff, students, and parents;
  • Is encouraged to tape and review game films;
  • Maintains complete and accurate records (e.g., attendance forms, file accident reports, etc.);
  • Maintains respect at all times for confidential information, e.g., student athlete grades for eligibility purposes, etc.;
  • Maintains satisfactory attendance;
  • Oversees the condition of the locker room;
  • Participates in awards program by distributing awards to the players;
  • Plans and schedules with the head coach a regular program of practice in season (including holiday or vacation periods);
  • Promotes good public relations through personal appearance, attitude, and conversation;
  • Provides a positive learning environment for the athletes;
  • Provides for the orderly distribution and collection of all athletic equipment;
  • Reports all injuries to school nurse or principal;
  • Responds to routine questions and requests in an appropriate manner;
  • Serves as a role model for students;
  • Shares responsibility with head coach for field or court preparation;
  • Submits physical forms and other necessary paperwork to the school nurse prior to engaging in the sport;
  • Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.

Physical and Mental Requirements

Individuals appointed to these assignments must have adequate physical strength, stamina, physical agility and visual and auditory acuity and must maintain such physical fitness as to be able to perform the duties of the assignment.

Frequency: Place an "X" in each box that is appropriate to your job. NEVER (N) OCCASIONALLY (O) FREQUENTLY (F) CONSTANTLY (C) 0 % of Shift 1-33% of Shift 34-66% of Shift 67-100% of Shift Working Conditions N O F C Working Conditions N O F C Physical Demands Depth Perception X Standing X Color Distinction X Walking X Peripheral Vision X Sitting X Driving X Lifting X Physical Strength: Carrying X Little Physical Effort (-10 lbs.) X Pushing X Light Work (-20 lbs.) X Pulling X Medium Work (20-50 lbs.) X Climbing X Heavy Work (50-100 lbs.) X Balancing X Very Heavy Work (100+ lbs.) X Stooping X Environmental Conditions Kneeling X Cold (50 degrees F or less) X Crouching X Heat (90 degrees F or more) X Crawling X Temperature Changes X Reaching X Wetness X Handling X Humidity X Grasping X Extreme Noise or Vibration X Twisting X Exposure to Chemicals X Feeling X Exposure to Gases and Fumes X Talking X Exposure to Unpleasant Odors X Hearing X Exposure to bodily fluids X Repetitive Motion X Exposure to dampness X Hand/Eye/Foot Coordination X Confinement to Small or Restricting Area X Visual Acuity/Near X Mechanical Hazards X Visual Acuity/Far X Physical danger or abuse X

Vacancy will be filled by qualified active Teacher in the WTA bargaining unit working at the building where the vacancy exists in accordance to Article 10(2) and 10(6)(a). If there is no qualified active teacher applying as noted above, then the vacancy shall be filled by qualified active teachers who work within the school district.
Waterbury Public School District is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer M/F/H/V
Candidates from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply

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