Post High School Counselor

New Trier Township High School District 203
Northfield, IL, US

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Position Type:
Student Support Services/Post-High School Counselor

Date Posted:

Winnetka Campus

Date Available:
August 2023

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Job Title: Post High School Counselor
Assignment: School year plus five weeks in summer; full-time
Supervisor: Post-High School Counseling Department Chair; Winnetka Campus Principal

Position Outcomes:
Post-high school counselors at New Trier work with students in grades 9-12 in all aspects of the postsecondary process; provide individual and group guidance to students in their counseling caseload; maintain accurate information regarding specific admission processes and requirements of individual 4-year and 2-year colleges and universities, as well as gap-year, employment and military options; serve as a resource for parents as well as students in the college search and application process; and provide academic and career counseling to students through the implementation of strategies aligned to the Illinois PaCE framework, ASCA beliefs and mindsets, and NACAC standards of practice. Five weeks of full-time summer work is required each year.

  1. Master's degree in school counseling or related field.
  2. Valid Illinois State Board of Education Professional Educator License with a School Counselor endorsement.
  3. Experience providing comprehensive post-secondary counseling to high school students.
  4. Knowledge of special education postsecondary programs and procedures preferred.
  5. Understanding of the Illinois PaCE Framework and experience in career counseling or career pathways, work-based learning, and internships preferred.
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills in listening, speaking, and writing.
  7. Excellent presentation and public speaking skills in small and large groups.
  8. Demonstrated history of forming positive professional and collaborative relationships.
  9. Highly organized in daily productivity and short- and long-term planning.

Position Expectations:
  1. Counsels students and assists parents in understanding the admission and financial aid processes by providing access to current, clear, and concise information concerning the wide range of postsecondary educational opportunities available, entrance requirements, financial aid, curricular offerings, costs, admission and financial aid deadlines, and the variety of early admission and early decision programs available.
  2. Informs students, parents, and staff on how to access and evaluate post high school planning information, including the use of computer-based college and career platforms such as the Common Application, internet-based search engines and college websites.
  3. Implements the PaCE Framework by developing programming and activities, in collaboration with colleagues, building, and district leadership, helping deliver career services programming for grades 9-12.
  4. Guides students, both individually and in groups, in career exploration and assists them in goal-setting, building a high school experience aligned to their career and postsecondary goals.
  5. Promotes student and parent participation in college, career, and gap-year program/fairs, admission and financial aid workshops, and other related programs facilitated by the department.
  6. Provides a supportive counseling environment for students and parents and works to eliminate or reduce unnecessary anxiety too often associated with the postsecondary planning process.
  7. Assists students in selecting and registering for appropriate college admission tests and interpreting resulting test scores and their influence in the admission process.
  8. Assists students with developing a personal timeline or calendar for completing the tasks associated with the planning process for their future destinations, from career exploration to the college search and application process.
  9. Counsels students with learning differences in seeking appropriate postsecondary programs, formulating transition plans, and attends IEP meetings for students on their caseload.
  10. Assists student athletes, fine arts, or other special interest candidates in seeking appropriate postsecondary options.
  11. Works with students and teachers in developing students' essay-writing skills.
  12. Advocates on behalf of students by writing letters of recommendation for seniors.
  13. Develops productive relationships with colleges and other key stakeholders to assist them in understanding the nature of the school curriculum and the quality of New Trier students' preparation.
  14. Plans, organizes, develops, and implements college and career events and publications; produces materials to publicize PHSC services, resources, and speaker programs. Provides group guidance via public speaking engagements with parents, students and staff.
  15. Assists students in navigating difficult situations, such as admission and/or financial aid denials and in developing alternative strategies should this occur.
  16. Assists students and parents in preparation for the separation process that may occur with their postsecondary plans.
  17. Develops an awareness of the ethics of post-high school counseling and the implications for students and parents.
  18. Assists with administrative tasks related to postsecondary counseling: transcript management, sending application materials, maintaining accurate student notes and files, documenting of FAFSA, Alternative Application, and Waiver completion in compliance with State of Illinois graduation requirements.
  19. Builds understanding among instructional staff to help them know their role in supporting students as they make important educational and career choices.
  20. Assists students in developing appropriate interviewing skills and in understanding the purpose of the interview in the admission or employment process.
  21. Collaborates with counselor colleagues and classroom teachers to recruit and orient students for internships and employment opportunities.
  22. Prepares and disseminates information regarding academic planning, college, and scholarships to parents, students, and staff via social media, newsletters and PHSC website.
  23. Visit colleges to remain familiar with programs and to familiarize college admissions officials with the New Trier curriculum and programs.
  24. Participates in professional development opportunities/training (e.g. college visits, webinars, workshops, seminars, book discussions, local, state, and national association conferences).
  25. Collaborates with department colleagues to expand knowledge of and access to alternative post-secondary options (apprenticeships, training programs, certificate programs, etc...) to share with students.
  26. Hosts office hours for students and families over the summer and throughout the year.
  27. Assumes responsibility for their own professional growth and development.
  28. Performs all other duties as assigned.

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