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The Maine Charter School Commission (MCSC) is seeking an experienced senior leader to serve as its next Executive Director.  The Executive Director, reporting to a Commission of seven members, provides leadership to the organization and is responsible for ensuring MCSC fulfills its obligations to authorize and oversee public charter schools in Maine, per Public Law 2011, Chapter 414 and promotes the creation and operation of high-quality schools.

The Executive Director establishes an organizational structure and creates the conditions for the Commission to achieve the following outcomes established by Maine Title 20-A Education § 2402, Chapter 112:

  • Improve pupil learning by creating more high-quality schools with high standards for pupil performance
  • Close achievement gaps between high-performing and low-performing groups of public school students
  • Increase high-quality educational opportunities within the public education system
  • Provide alternative learning environments for students who are not thriving in traditional school settings
  • Create new professional opportunities for teachers and other school personnel
  • Encourage the use of different, high-quality models of teaching and other aspects of schooling
  • Provide students, parents, community members, and local entities with expanded opportunities for involvement in the public education system

This is an exciting opportunity for someone passionate about improving outcomes for students and families.  The ideal candidate must have a broad vision for charter schools’ authorization and operation informed by the belief that Maine’s charter schools should be excellent, accountable, and autonomous; an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of charter schools; and a passion for promoting access to high quality educational alternatives.


The Maine Charter School Commission authorizes, monitors, and develops unique public charter schools that provide a dynamic superlative education for every student.

All of Maine's children will have access to a vibrant ecosystem of diverse schools so that all of them can become, happy, healthy, and thriving citizens.

  • Students at the Center: Be aggressively urgent in pursuit of more effective schools.
  • Collective Impact:  Compassionately coordinate, collaborate, and build trust to multiply the impact in the ecosystem.
  • Develop the People: Design and implement tools, systems, and cultures that grow the capacity of people doing the work so they are prepared for greatness.
  • Transparency for the Sake of Continuous Improvement:  Leverage available data and find new forms of measurement to cultivate truth in decision making and promote integrity in our processes and reporting.


Maine Charter Schools:

  • Maine’s charter school law was passed in 2011. State law caps the number of Maine charter schools at 10. In school year 2022-23, more than 2700 students are enrolled in Maine’s 10 charter schools.

The Commission is committed to acting boldly and courageously to create thriving and diverse ecosystems of schools that support the achievement of ALL students in Maine.  Maine’s charter schools can be leaders in the effort to innovate and drastically improve student achievement, quality of life, and self-actualization. The Commission is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion for all.


  • Shaping the Commission’s strategy by developing a long-range course of action to realize the Commission’s vision and mission for high-performing charter schools. This includes: being strategic in communicating and modeling the vision, mission, and values; and keeping them at the forefront of decision-making and action. 
  • Creating alignment and school accountability via clear goals aligned with the Commission’s vision and mission; ensuring collaboration with stakeholders to achieve the Commission’s objectives. This includes: aligning communication, people, culture, and processes with the Commission’s objectives, leveraging staff member’s strengths; and using stakeholder feedback to adapt plans.
  • Building and developing a culture of high-expectations for the Commission that leads to staff engagement and high-performing schools. This includes: attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals; delegating decision-making responsibilities; providing timely guidance and feedback; and matching leadership and staff structure to align with the Commission’s priorities and attainment of the mission.
  • Cultivating networks by initiating and maintaining strategic relationships to advance the Commission’s goals. This includes: building partnerships and coalitions to overcome political obstacles that challenge the future of Maine’s charter schools; and clearly communicating with partners to motivate them to take action in support of charter schools.
  • Leading and overseeing the Commission’s operations in the awarding, renewal, and oversight of charters consistent with Public Law 2011, Chapter 414. This includes: ensuring MCSC operates with effective, standard-aligned practices through all phases of the Charter School Operation, Request for Proposals, Contracting, Monitoring, and Renewal/Closure; continuously improving the Commission’s practices; and effectively communicating with Maine’s charter schools.


  • Your drive to ensure high-quality schools for Maine’s students, especially those who are being underserved, runs deep. You prioritize educational equity, broadening quality opportunities, and approach this work with urgency.
  • You easily build and strengthen relationships with a variety of Mainers. You can work effectively and cooperatively with school leaders, board members, Commissioners, staff, and Legislators. You promote openness and trust, seek first to understand, and explore issues with sensitivity.
  • You are at your best in dynamic situations and can proactively confront difficult issues. You expect to operate in the grey, create order out of uncertainty, and take actions that are in the best interests of students and families. You can create a work environment where MCSC staff can realize their full potential. You focus staff and Commissioners on MCSC’s mission to drive organizational and cultural change and use evidence-based feedback for talent development and retention.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum of five years of work experience in school operations
  • Minimum of five years of experience directly managing people Minimum of five years of experience in a senior leadership role
  • Master's degree in education, public administration, or other relevant field preferred
  • Experience in supervision of a school system and familiarity with charter schools (e.g., head of school, authorizer, etc.) preferred
  • Experience in program management/evaluation preferred


We take a data-driven approach to our compensation strategy so all employees are paid competitively and equitably. Salary for the Executive Director position is currently $120,000. Compensation for this position is limited to the salary, it does not include medical, dental, or disability coverage and does not include requirement.  MCSC does recognize a flexible work policy.   


The Executive Director is expected to reside in the state of Maine. MCSC operates in a remote work environment with the exception of commitments that require in-person representation, such as Commission and committee meetings, meetings with school leaders, and meetings with legislators. 

TO APPLY Applications should consist of:

  • Current resume,
  • Cover letter that includes a high-level overview of your experience as it aligns with the responsibilities of this role description, 
  • Contact information for three references, and
  • Responses to the following questions (limit responses to 250 words per question):
  1. What are the top three strengths you would bring to this role?
  2. We expect the next Executive Director to be knowledgeable about charter school authorizing and monitoring.  Please describe your experience with/knowledge of charter school authorizing and how you would ensure a strong knowledge base BEFORE your first day.

Please submit all materials to mcsc@maine.gov.  


  • Applications will be accepted through 5:00 pm ET on Monday, February 13th
  • Round #1 Interview (45-minute) – Week of February 20th
  • Completion of Performance Task – Week of February 27th
  • Round #2 Interview (60 minutes) – Week of March 13th 
  • Final Follow-Up Discussion (45-60 minutes) – Week of March 27th

Please note that not all applicants will be invited to advance through the process. 


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