Resource Teacher - MTSS Coach - Job# 976

The School Board of Highlands County
Sebring, FL, US
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Position Type:
Elementary School Teaching/Resource Teacher

Date Posted:

Fred Wild Elementary

Closing Date:


POSITION TITLE: Resource Teacher

ASSIGNMENT: Resource Teacher - MTSS -RTI Facilitator

  1. A valid Florida Educator's Certificate
  2. Three (3) years of successful experience in teaching
  3. Knowledge of curriculum and/or discipline program design, implementation and evaluation in the assigned area as reflected in job performance assessments
  4. Physical Requirements: Light work, exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 10 pounds of force as frequently as needed to move objects
  5. Satisfactory clearance of a criminal history records check and drug screening


Support student achievement (both academic and behavioral) on a three-tiered level. The Resource Teacher (RT/MTSS-RtI Facilitator) supports Assistant Superintendent, Principals, school-based teams, and other stakeholders with MTSS-RtI consensus, infrastructure, and implementation. The MTSS-RtI Facilitator has expertise in data analysis and management, educational systems, models of collaboration, leadership/team-building skills, assessment and interpretation of data from multiple sources, exceptional student education procedures, excellent communication skills, ability to review and disseminate research to various groups, and ability to direct problem solving processes.

  1. This position is responsible for facilitating the District's Multi-tiered Systems of Support-Response to Intervention program across school sites.
  2. Assist schools with data analysis to ensure quality instruction/intervention is matched to the needs of all students
  3. Provide professional development of MTSS-RtI implementation components to all stakeholders
  4. Support school-based teams with documentation relative to the problem solving process and MTSS-RtI practices.
  5. Serve on District level leadership teams as needed.
  6. Facilitate the development of school-based instruction and intervention maps for primary prevention, early targeted intervention, and intensive targeted intervention. This skill set ensures that all the necessary intervention materials and resources are identified by school personnel and aligned for student support within the MTSS-RtI tiered framework.
  7. Build and sustain relationships with educators from various disciplines that result in a shared vision of high academic and behavioral performance for all students
  8. Assist schools in understanding the differences between universal/benchmark, diagnostic, progress monitoring and outcome assessment data and how each is used to determine students' academic and behavioral effectiveness across tiers 1, 2, and 3.
  9. Assist schools with involving students, parents, and families at all levels of the MTSS-RtI process
  10. Assist schools with evaluating the types of response (positive. questionable or poor) to instruction/intervention for large groups, small groups and individual students.
  11. Demonstrate effective skills in consultation and group facilitation to ensure effective communication, collaboration and technical assistance support that result in the implementation of MTSS-RtI with fidelity and sustainability.
  12. Assist in coordinating, implementing, and monitoring of the curriculum and/or programs.
  13. Assist in curriculum revision and development.
  14. Assist in the coordination of extracurricular activities.
  15. Communicate curriculum goals and design to schools and community.
  16. Interpret assessment data related to student achievement and identify appropriate intervention strategies.
  17. Plan and implement professional development.
  18. Model effective teaching techniques during classroom instruction and when presenting to groups and other professionals.
  19. Perform any other duties as assigned.
  20. Achievement Focus - Sets and achieves challenging goals. Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles. Measures self against standard of excellence. Recognizes and acts on opportunities. Takes calculated risks to accomplish goals.
  21. Communications - Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally. Expresses ideas and thoughts in written form. Exhibits good listening and comprehension. Keeps others adequately informed. Selects and uses appropriate communication methods.
  22. Dependability - Responds to requests for service and assistance. Follows instructions, responds to management direction. Takes responsibility for own actions. Commits to doing the best job commitments. Meets attendance and punctuality guidelines.
  23. Presentation Skills -Tailors presentation to audience needs. Engages and focuses attention. Presents information logically and persuasively. Handles difficult questions and situations. Inspires audience to action.
  24. Problem Solving - Identifies problems in a timely manner. Gathers and analyzes information skillfully. Develops alternative solutions. Resolves problems in early stages. Works well in group problem solving situations.
  25. Plans and prepares lessons and instructional strategies supporting the school improvement plan and District mission
  26. Plans and prepares instructional activities that contribute to a climate where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences
  27. Identifies, selects, develops or modifies instructional materials to support learning objectives and to meet the needs of students with diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, learning styles, and special needs
  28. Assists in preparing for changing curriculum needs and continuous improvement
  29. Maintains a positive, organized, and safe learning environment
  30. Assists in enforcement of school rules, administrative regulations, and Board policy
  31. Establishes and maintains effective and efficient record keeping procedures including student records subject to the requirements of the Family Rights and Privacy Act
  32. Manages time effectively, manages materials and assigned equipment effectively including record keeping other inventory requirements
  33. Instructs and supervises the work of volunteers and aides when assigned
  34. Develops and utilizes assessment strategies (traditional and alternative) to assist the continuous development of learners
  35. Establishes appropriate testing environment and ensure test security
  36. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of curriculum content
  37. Utilizes appropriate techniques and strategies to enhance the application of critical, creative and evaluative thinking capabilities of students
  38. Utilizes appropriate materials, technology and resources to help meet learning needs of all students
  39. Provides a positive environment in which students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process
  40. Recognizes overt indicators of student distress or abuse and take appropriate intervention, referral, or reporting actions
  41. Communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with other professionals, students parents and community
  42. Collaborates with students, parents school staff, and other appropriate persons to assist in meeting student needs
  43. Collaborates with peers to enhance the instructional environment
  44. Assists others in acquiring knowledge and understanding of particular area of responsibility
  45. Engages in continuing improvement of professional knowledge and skills
  46. Conducts a personal assessment periodically to determine professional development needs with reference to specific instructional assignment.
  47. Acts in a professional and ethical manner and adhere at all times to the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct
  48. Fulfills professional responsibilities.
  49. Supports school improvement initiatives by active participation in school activities, services and programs
  50. Ensures student growth/achievement is continuous and appropriate for age group, subject area, and/or student program classification


Performs all other duties as assigned by the supervising administrator


Length of contract and number of hours worked are determined by specific allocation as approved annually during planning-budgeting process


Performance will be appraised annually in accordance with School Board policies


According to the School Board of Highlands County Instructional Salary Schedule


Except as provided by law, The School Board of Highlands County shall not on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, political or religious beliefs, national or ethnic origin, or genetic information, exclude individuals from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity in any employment condition or practice, or be denied equal access to school facilities if the organization is The Boy Scouts of America or other patriotic youth groups.

Modified 12/2007
Reformatted 2/9/2016
Modified 6/29/2021
Modified 08/19/2021


All applicants for positions offered by the School Board of Highlands County will be evaluated for possession of the following personal qualities:
  1. Honesty, dependability, punctuality, accuracy, and diligence on the job
  2. Ability to relate well to fellow workers, parents, students, and the general public
  3. Habits of dress, grooming, and personal conduct suitable to the work site and school environment
  4. Willingness to use professional practices appropriate to public service and school settings
  5. Ability to communicate clearly and accurately, orally and in writing
  6. Ability to understand and follow written and oral directions
  7. Ability to access, organize, and maintain information needed in the performance of specific work tasks
  8. Willingness to become totally familiar with and to comply with school district policies, procedures, rules, and functions
  9. Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural diversity and to district expectations governing equity, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity
  10. Willingness to complete in-service training needed to enhance and update job performance over a period of service

Reasonable accommodations are available for qualified applicants with disabilities during the application and interview process.
To request accommodations, please contact:

Carla Ball, Director of Human Resources
426 School Street
Sebring, FL 33870
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