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Math Teacher

Hawaii Baptist Academy
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Teaching, Math Teacher
Grade Level
High School
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Job Position/Title: High School Teacher
Office/Campus: Stan Sagert High School Campus
Reports to: High School Principal
Status: 10 months (exempt)

Primary Purpose: Instruct students and assist them in developing intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Essential Duties/Functions:

  • Develop and evaluate curriculum.
  • Prepare daily lesson plans and materials for the classroom.
  • Instruct students by implementing lesson plans and objectives into the classroom setting.
  • Motivate students to learn both the facts and the application of material.
  • Monitor student behavior.
  • Issue progress reports, interims, and grades.

Other Duties/Functions:

  • Order supplies; equipment; materials.
  • Serve as a Class Advisor.
  • Attend Faculty meetings and school functions (graduation, open house, etc.).
  • Schedule conferences with parents.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Core Competencies Required of all HBA Employees 

An employee of HBA must demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • Christ-like Conduct. Imitate the life of Jesus Christ and take on his behavior, mindset, choices, and character, and apply it to everyday life.  Exhibit love, humility, compassion, and servanthood, and allow God the opportunity to work in us and to manifest His Glory within us.
  • Passion for Our Calling. Respond to God’s passion in our hearts to complete the things He calls us to do.  Acknowledge that passion encompasses more than the work, it taps into one’s whole life purpose. Reward of wages and prestige are peripheral to using the God-given gifts and talents to have an effect on the greater good and an impact beyond oneself. Yield passionately to God’s calling to live a life full of joy, satisfaction, and true fulfillment.
  • Teamwork. Promotes teamwork through building consensus to develop mutual trust, respect, and commonality of goals.  Supports team decisions, collaborates with others to develop team solutions, builds consensus, and resolves conflict.
  • Customer Focus. Organizes and prioritizes resources to focus on and exceed customer expectations. Make it “easy to do business with” HBA.  Demonstrate understanding, helpfulness, sensitivity, and a concern of the needs and feelings of external and internal customers.
  • Effective Communication. Listens carefully to feedback and others’ views and asks clarifying questions to confirm understanding.  Clearly states views and opinions. Actively takes responsibility to ensure there is mutual understanding in all viewpoints and communication. Effectively adapts oral and written communication to the needs and interests of the target audience.  Openly shares information in a timely manner with others who need that information.
  • Results Orientation. Can be counted on to achieve assigned or promised results in a timely manner by utilizing resources effectively.  Clarifies expectations and measurements of performance.  Seeks guidance or other resources needed. Takes personal ownership for results by holding self and others accountable for results.  Shows strong desire and drive for success by identifying and overcoming obstacles.  Demonstrates a sense of urgency and is persistent in using extra effort to achieve results. Focuses efforts on, and strives to attain, results that are important to the mission of HBA and specific department goals.
  • Practical Thinking and Decision-Making. Identifies, defines, and focuses on specific problems or issues. Determines information needs; collects, analyzes, interprets, and develops it for use in making decisions. Makes timely and appropriate decisions driven by the information, the needs of the organization, and the need for innovation and creativity to accomplish assigned tasks.
  • Continuous Improvement. Strives to continually improve one’s own job performance and to better the work environment, work quality, results, and how the work is done. Accepts both the need for and positive potential of change in the workplace.  Willing to take managed risk to test approaches that may better satisfy a customer’s needs or to meet HBA’s needs and goals.  Develops alternative and imaginative solutions and approaches to problems. Actively looks for opportunities to redesign and improve work methods and makes changes to improve operating efficiency and quality of output.
  • Supporting and Leading Change. Participates in all aspects of both the organizational and process oriented change cycles to accomplish the goals set for their particular level of responsibility. Identifies, plans for, and leads change needed to support HBA’s mission and values.

Working Conditions:

  • Equipment and Technology Use:  Computer, digital presenter, computer projector, tablet, Google drive and other applications, and other equipment and applications for specialty classes (e.g., Lab instruments and probes, graphing calculator, cameras, etc.)
  • Work Hours:  7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Monday - Friday with occasional evening and weekend work.
  • Mental Demands:  Decision-making, good judgment, alert, attention to detail, concentration, mathematical ability.
  • Physical Demands:  Noisy.  Wide field of vision, corrected vision, projecting voice.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Spiritual:  Must have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their life and; demonstrate a living relationship with Jesus Christ as described in “The Baptist Faith and Message: the tenets of the Southern Baptist denomination. 
  • Skills/Knowledge: Knowledge in subject area, Ability to communicate to students. First Aid Training and CPR.
  • Education/Training: BA degree from an accredited college or university in area of expertise.      

High School Teacher JD 4/01/2019

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