Instructional Assistant - English (Classroom and Reading and Writing Center)

New Trier Township High School District 203-1
Northfield, IL, US

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Job Category
Teaching, English / Reading / Language Arts Teacher, Support Staff, Teaching Assistant / Aide
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Position Type:
Support Staff/Instructional Assistant - Academic Subject

Date Posted:

Northfield Campus

Date Available:
Upon Filling Position

Closing Date:
January 21, 2022

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Rate of Pay: Not less than $20.00 per hour based on experience
Assignment: Full-time; School-year; 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Reports to: English Department Coordinator
Starting date: Upon filling position

Position Outcomes :
To assist the teachers in helping students achieve course expectations in their classes. To provide one-on-one assistance to students outside the general education classroom.

General Responsibilities :
This work involves close interaction with staff, students and parents/guardians, with the primary emphasis
on the implementation of specialized educational programs. This individual works under the direction of certified staff. He/she is expected to exercise independent judgment, discretion, and confidentiality and
react appropriately in crisis situations, as well as exhibit initiative, creativity and organizational skills.

Qualifications :
  1. Possession of or ability to obtain Illinois State Board of Education Educator License with Stipulations - Paraprofessional or other ISBE license that requires a college degree.
  2. Knowledge of and experience with high school students' needs and behavior problems.
  3. Strong language arts skills in composition, literature, reading, and/or general studies.
  4. Ability to move about frequently in the classroom and in various other parts of the school.
  5. Some knowledge of computers and software applications, particularly Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Canvas.
  6. Exemplary interpersonal skills and ability to communicate clearly and distinctly with staff, outside agencies, and students.
  7. Ability to take initiative.
  8. Ability to demonstrate patience, flexibility and judgment in interacting with students with behavioral needs.
  9. Ability to work with students one-on-one for individualized support.
  10. Ability to oversee student tutors and help direct their work.
Position Expectations :
  1. Assists students in the classroom, under the direction of certified staff by:
    1. providing individualized or group instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and study skills both in and out of the classroom.
    2. assisting with the administration of assessments including written, oral and computer-assisted forms.
    3. monitoring students' make-up work or late work in and out of the classroom.
    4. bringing new students up to date with current class work;
    5. explaining written or verbal instructions; and
    6. keeping abreast of lesson plans, test schedules and assignment due dates for each class.
  2. Assists certified staff by:
    1. monitoring and tracking attendance and progress of students;
    2. participating actively in lessons that require student monitoring and assistance;
    3. maintaining daily behavioral norms of the classroom set by certified staff;
    4. assisting with grading objective assignments;
    5. communicating with help desk staff about technology problems;
    6. providing clerical assistance (e.g., inputting grades, keeping attendance, and other records, photocopying, classroom organization, obtaining library materials, organizing resource materials etc.);
    7. documenting individualized instruction provided for return to certified staff;
    8. interacting with staff to discuss students' progress; and
    9. Attending course committee and department meetings.
  3. Assists in the Reading and Writing Center (RWC) by:
    1. overseeing student tutors;
    2. assisting students in Read-Write Support or Read-Write Strategies (RWS);
    3. organizing instructional materials for Read-Write students;
    4. taking attendance for student tutors and students in RWS;
    5. reporting to the Reading and Writing Center Coordinator about tutor performance;
    6. reporting to faculty about student performance in RWS;
    7. completing MTSS reports for students in RWS.
    8. assisting in the planning and implementation of tutor activities (e.g., tutor training, Tutors in Motion, tutor recruitment, Greg Harris Award);
    9. supervising the physical space of the RWC (e.g., maintenance of computers, resetting chairs and tables as needed).
  4. Continues job performance enhancement by participating in professional growth activities.
  5. Exhibits a positive attitude and projects a positive image of the district to parents, students and staff.
  6. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.
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