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Director of Federal Programs

Thomasville City Schools
Thomasville, Georgia
Based on verified experience and placement on the Georgia DOE State Salary Schedule

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Job Details

Primary Function:

Provides support and guidance in the oversight of Federal Programs. Provides support of appropriate instructional practices to improve student achievement; provides leadership and support to administration both district and school-level concerning school curriculum and instructional processes.


  1. Performs all duties in compliance with federal, state, and local policies/procedures and laws for Title I, Part A, Title I SIG(a), Title II, Part A, Title IV, Part A. Title V, Part B, CARES Act/ESSER and all other federal grants including competitive grants.
  2. Demonstrates appropriate verbal and written communication skills.          
  3. Demonstrates initiative and ability to work with minimal direct supervision.
  4. Maintains and organizes records and documentation associated with all federal program requirements.
  5. Collects and analyzes data to determine the effectiveness of all funded programs and resources.               
  6. Serves on designated committees in support of federal activities. Demonstrates loyalty to the purpose of Title I, Part A, Title I SIG(a), Title II, Part A, Title IV, Part A. Title V, Part B, CARES Act/ESSER, and all other federal grants including competitive grants                                    
  7. Ensures the quality of instruction through ongoing work with instructional Coaches in developing rigorous and relevant instructional practices. 
  8. Responsible for the organization, implementation, and analysis of the Title I-A Summer Reading Program, B.A.R.K.     
  9. Works within timelines and deadlines set by federal, state, and local policies and procedures.                         
  10. Assist with analysis of Title I-A School Improvement Plans, Schoolwide Plans, and the CLIP.                           
  11. Assist with the design, implementation, and follow-up of district Title I-A and Title II-A professional learning activities.   
  12. Assist with the design, implementation, and analysis of Title I-A and Title II-A surveys throughout the school year.         
  13. Aides Instructional Coaches and teachers with the development of appropriate instructional activities to increase student achievement.              
  14. Organize all-new teacher induction training.          
  15. Develop and maintain a new teacher induction manual and calendar of events.           
  16. Provides instructional support for new personnel by providing professional learning in the unpacking of the Georgia Performance Standards.                
  17. Monitor staffing rosters for PQ requirements and subsequent parent notification for non-compliance.               
  18. Notify and assist private schools with federal funds.          
  19. Assist and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of all supplemental/remedial Title I-A Programs.        
  20. Assist in the evaluation of the district’s and school-parent involvement efforts as outlined in the District Parent Involvement Policy, CLIP, SWPs, and SIPs.   
  21. Attends all Title I-A and Title II-A required training annually.                      
  22. Participates in professional organizations and staff development activities.
  23. Accepts new challenges in a professional manner. Works effectively with colleagues and exhibits the fundamentals of good communication skills.                
  24. Enhances the climate of the building and the morale of colleagues.          
  25. Accepts constructive criticism and follows up on administrative actions for improving performance.                   
  26. Maintains a pattern of prompt and regular attendance. 
  27. Completes reports, documentation, duties, and other assignments in a prompt and professional manner.         
  28. Exhibits time on task and a flexible, cooperative, progressive, and hard-working attitude and style.                   
  29. Complies with school, system, state, and federal regulations and policies, including the PSC Code of Ethics, as related to job requirements.                             
  30. Adheres to the chain of command.         
  31. Adheres to Cultural Diversity Guidelines.          
  32. Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information and material.         
  33. Maintains a professional appearance as appropriate for job responsibilities.
  34. Assures security and accountability for office equipment and supplies.          
  35. Acts in a professional manner and maintains a professional attitude, following system policies in regard to students and records, when interacting with the public. 
  36. Shows initiative and assumes responsibility for all aspects of job responsibilities.
  37. Submits all required documentation to the Superintendent as indicated by assigned deadlines.                         
  38. Communicates vision/mission to school personnel as appropriate.         
  39. Reports to Assistant Superintendent concerns or violations of any federal laws, policies, or regulations. 
  40. Conducts Title I-A and Title II-A allowable professional development for school personnel as needed.               
  41. Maintains appropriate files and documentation for Title I, Part A, Title I SIG(a), Title II, Part A, Title IV, Part A. Title V, Part B, CARES Act/ESSER, and all other federal grants including competitive grants.                            
  42. Participates in active monitoring of Title I, Part A, Title I SIG(a), Title II, Part A, Title IV, Part A. Title V, Part B, CARES Act/ESSER, and all other federal grant compliance at the school level.                         
  43. Assists in the completion of required self-monitoring of the Title I, Part A, Title I SIG(a), Title II, Part A, Title IV, Part A. Title V, Part B, CARES Act, and all other federal grants.                                                                           
  44. Attends school leadership team meetings to support and monitor the effective implementation of the school improvement process under Title I-A.            
  45. Demonstrates appropriate verbal and written communication skills.          
  46. Recruits volunteers from the community to host various workshops & classes to speak directly with parents.   
  47. Provides materials such as event calendars, brochures, & educational resources to parents.                            
  48. Provides technical assistance relating to parental involvement as needed locally.         
  49. Organizes and facilitates school-level parent involvement committee meetings on a quarterly basis. (A minimum of three per year).                                 
  50. Facilitate parent engagement in the school processes of developing: School Improvement Plans, School-Parent Compacts, Parent Involvement Policies, etc. as outlined in the Systemic Family. EngagementA Comprehensive Guide to Implementing as Effective Title I Parental Involvement Program.      
  51. Ensures documentation is collected and filed in the school’s Title I Crate that supports all Title I parent engagement activities.                        
  52. Develops an annual plan for parent engagement at the school level that includes budget planning submitted to the Title I Director for inclusion in the budget component of the Consolidated Application by May 1st.           
  53. Facilitates the annual revisions of the School-Parent Compacts and the Parent Involvement Policies at the school level. 
  54. Monitors the effective implementation of the school-level Parent Involvement Policy and the School-Parent Compacts and reports concerns and issues to the Principal and system-level Parent Engagement Coordinator.                               
  55. Serves as a liaison for parents when dealing with school-related issues that could impact the education of their child(ren).                                               


  1. Conducts surveys to assess the needs of parents and community both at the district and at the school level.   
  1. Reviews annual reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s parent involvement policies.                     
  1. Develops, analyzes, and distributes the results of parent surveys to the school’s leadership team.         


Thomasville is located in Southwest Georgia, just north of Tallahassee, Florida.  Known as the City of Roses, Thomasville offers many historic homes and museums, and is home to The Big Oak, one of the oldest live oak trees in the country, dating back to circa 1680.

Thomasville City Schools was chartered in 1900 as an Independent Public School System by the City of Thomasville. The Thomasville City School System and the citizens in the City of Thomasville have focused for over 100 years on the investment of its resources to create students who develop into community and world-class leaders. Thomasville City Schools has ranked #1 in SAT Scores out of 38 counties in the Southwest Georgia region for four out of the past five years.

Approximately 2800 students are currently enrolled in five schools within the district. The district is comprised of three PreK-5 elementary buildings, one 6-8 middle school, and one 9-12 high school. The Scholars Academy for grades 6-12 operates as a school-within-a-school program and is housed on the middle school campus.

Vision: The Thomasville City Schools will unite to maximize the individual potential of all students for success in learning, leadership and life.

Mission: The Thomasville City Schools inspires the best problem solvers, innovators, life-long learners, and productive citizens of our communities.

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