Teacher, Librarian / Technology Integration Specialist - Itinerant - IT2104


PRIMARY PURPOSE : This continuing position is a part of the KEA collective bargaining unit. The Teacher-Librarian administers the school library information and technology program to provide a broad, flexible array of services, resources, instruction, and supports within the context of current educational standards to ensure that students are effective users and producers of information and ideas; and collaborates as an instructional partner to help all students meet content goals by promoting reading, supporting information and technology instruction, and implementing information management services.


  • Creates a culture of reading in the school community by developing a diverse, student-focused collection of print and digital materials that ensures all students can find something of quality to read and by facilitating school-wide reading initiatives along with providing individual support and guidance for students.
  • Reinforces strategy-based reading instruction to help students make meaning from text; supports students' interaction with a variety of genre as reflected in district curriculum.
  • Motivates and guides students to read for enjoyment and understanding; establishes and models a powerful, fashionable and ubiquitous culture of reading in the school community.
  • Provides open and equitable access to resources, technology and information services for the entire school community.
  • Collaborates with teachers to provide integrated instruction for students in information, media, and digital literacy; assists students and staff in identifying appropriate resources for achieving learning standards.
  • Provides training for students and staff in the use of print and digital research tools and strategies; teaches students to be critical consumers and producers of information and to be safe, ethical and responsible digital citizens.
  • Provides information management instruction to students and staff about how to effectively use emerging learning technologies for school and lifelong learning, as well as in the appropriate use of computers and mobile devices in an educational setting.
  • Helps students and staff efficiently and effectively access the highest quality information available while using information ethically.
  • Develops and administers inviting and effective physical and digital library environments with a diversified collection of print, non-print, and digital resources to support curricular needs, the development of student literacy, and the interests of students.
  • Trains and partners with library support staff and volunteers to implement the library program; oversees management of equipment, materials, and facilities; manages the annual budget needs; accesses district procedures and tools for processing, cataloging, and circulation.


Serves as a curriculum leader on school teams and works on special projects as assigned.

Participates in continuing education programs for professional growth including in-service courses and meetings as required.

Serves as a member of the library information and technology team of the school and district; performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position as assigned.


Reports to the principal. Serves as a consultant and partner to staff for in-service training, planning, and delivery of instruction. Collaborates as a school leader with administrative staff in curriculum and policy development as they relate to students and staff within the building. Coordinates the work of library support staff. Works with staff and district personnel to select and secure a variety of suitable materials for the school. Interacts daily with students, parents, staff, administrators, and other district staff.


The daily instructional activities are performed in the school library and classroom settings. There is a high level of interaction with professional students and staff. Frequent interruptions occur; visual and mental concentration on instructional priorities is required. The work may require moving, lifting, and storing of materials and equipment.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Must demonstrate a successful level of the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below:

  • Knowledge of instructional strategies for teaching information literacy.
  • Knowledge of current literature and professional trends in youth literature.
  • Knowledge of evaluation, needs assessment, and selection criteria to include and provide diverse literature, media, information systems, and information services.
  • Knowledge of the personal, developmental, and curricular needs of students and the instructional strategies that help satisfy these needs.
  • Knowledge of the principles of adult learning and development.
  • Skill in using automated library systems and district procedures for collection development and maintenance, purchasing/processing, cataloging, and inventory.
  • Skill in using district standard software/hardware and emerging technologies related to the delivery of library services.
  • Skill in scheduling and organizing physical and virtual library facilities to create inviting, useful, and engaging learning and meeting spaces.
  • Ability to provide information and digital literacy instruction/guidance to students and staff.
  • Ability to partner with other staff to design and implement effective instruction; classroom management skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, other school employees, and others as needed.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records and reports.
  • Ability to organize and coordinate workload of library staff and volunteers.
  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable.

Education and Experience

Bachelor's degree in education (master's degree in library science or related field preferred); or any equivalent combination of education, experience, and training that would provide the applicant with the desired knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the work and to meet certification requirements.

Licensing and Certification

Valid Washington State teaching certificate with Library Media or Learning Resources endorsement.

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