Paraprofessional - In School Suspension (60+ COLLEGE CREDITS REQ)

Jacksonville, FL, US
$10.50 / Per Hour
Jun 15, 2021
Kind of Work: Under the supervision of the site administrator, the ISSP Facilitator is assigned for at least 80% of the work day the responsibility of providing instructional assistance and maintaining discipline in the In-School Suspension Program classroom(s). Remote supervision of the ISSP Facilitator by appropriate certificated staff will be provided.

Examples of Work: The ISSP Facilitator is responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment for students assigned to in-school suspension. This would include establishing a classroom management plan, providing individual assistance to students for instructional purposes, compiling/distributing student assignments, and oversight of ISSP student activities during the day. In some situations the ISSP Facilitator may be responsible for supplying materials/resources for students, initiating or reviewing student assignments, collecting student work, appropriate record keeping, and orienting students who are new to the school.

Classroom/Behavior Management: It is the ISSP Facilitator, under the supervision of the site administrator/designee, who is responsible for ensuring that students conform to established school and classroom rules, complete instructional requirements, and generally ensure that students are offered the opportunity to continue in a school environment during the student's period of suspension. More specifically the ISSP Facilitator will supervise and monitor student behavior (including reading and explaining rules and procedures about ISSP to students), implementing and enforcing the rules on a consistent basis and evaluating student behavior on a set schedule (including completing behavioral reinforcement data). In addition, the ISSP Facilitator will implement behavior management techniques with specific students, distribute/collect/assess student work folders to ensure work is complete, and monitor students during environmental duty/lunch/restroom breaks. The ISSP Facilitator will also communicate with teachers, administrators, parents, and school resource officers regarding concerns with students enrolled in ISSP. It shall also be the responsibility of the ISSP Paraprofessional to take daily student attendance, and document all students entering/exiting ISSP (including late arrivals, emergency placements, etc.).

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or equivalent and successful completion of 60 semester hours (paraprofessional pro test not acceptable for ISSP)

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$10.50 / Per Hour
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