School Bus Driver - Auxiliary Trainer

Chesterfield, VA, US
Jun 11, 2021
General Description

Performs responsible and skilled work in transporting students to and from school and other school-sponsored activities; performs work under general supervision without specific instructions.
Essential Job Functions

  • Safely operates all types of school buses; maintains a regular schedule for picking up authorized staff and students and delivering them to schools according to schedule.
  • Makes daily safety inspection of vehicle and equipment; ensures that vehicle is regularly maintained and keeps vehicle clean, properly heated and ventilated.
  • Assists students on to or out of the vehicle; enforces safety and conduct regulations.
  • Maintains records and prepares required reports.
  • Makes reports to school officials concerning student disciplinary actions, incidents or injuries.
  • Participates and successfully passes all training required by state and federal law, and by School Board policies, regulations and procedures.
  • Provides basic first aid and/or prescribed health care as necessary for students.
  • Conducts classroom and behind the wheel school bus driver training throughout the year, including summer sessions, that conforms to state and local procedures; files attendance sheets;
  • Ensures training is in compliance with VDOE, DMV and laws that govern transportation for students with special needs;
  • Coordinates the annual School Bus Roadeo;
  • Conducts all training, evaluation and testing necessary and required in order for an individual to be eligible for employment once training program is completed;
  • Serves as a mentor to new drivers by communicating and/or observing at least once a week during the first month of driving, at least twice a month for the first six months, then, as needed;
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Working knowledge of state and local school bus operation, laws and regulations; of exceptional education local policy and best practices and county geography. Working knowledge of first aid procedures including CPR. Demonstrated ability: to operate a large vehicle safely and punctually in all weather conditions, using safe and defensive driving methods; to maintain bus discipline and relate well to children, parents and staff and to provide constant attention and assistance to a number of children at the same time, including children with special health conditions or disabilities; to perform physical tasks such as lifting children; to give and follow instructions, work well under stressful conditions or emergencies and maintain confidentiality.

Must be at least 21 years of age and at least three years of driving experience, with a good driving record that does not reflect more than -3 points with the last 36 months. Successful completion of First Aid and CPR courses; auto-injectable epinephrine training (EpiPen) and Defensive Driving Course; meet physical qualifications for school bus drivers; successful completion of state-approved school bus driver training course (for trainers) and FBI fingerprint background investigation. Valid Commercial Driver's License. This position requires the incumbent to drive. In accordance with Policy 5431, an employee who occupies the position and is assigned a district-owned or leased motor vehicle will be subject to annual driving checks and must maintain acceptable records pursuant to the standards set forth in the policy.

Applicants considered for employment must successfully complete the following background investigations/tests:
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal History Investigation
  • State Police Criminal History Investigation
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigation
  • Tuberculosis Screening/Test

Chesterfield County Public Schools assures Equal Employment Opportunities for employees as required by Federal and State Orders and Laws. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks. This job description is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements. However, the administration reserves the right to modify, add, or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills, or working conditions associated with the position and does not imply an employment contract.

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