Head Girls Basketball Coach (2021-2022)

Vero Beach, FL, US
Jun 11, 2021
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Teaching, Athletics Coach
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Storm Grove Middle

SDIRC Steps to Employment as an Athletic Coach

• Apply for Athletic Coaching Certification at www.fldoe.org/edcert/apply.asp .
• Apply for employment on the school district's website: www.indianriverschools.org/employment .
• Wait to be contacted by Human Resources to schedule orientation session. This only occurs once an offer of
employment is extended and accepted.
Orientation includes the following fees:

o Workplace screening and fingerprint retention - $49.00 by check or money order only made out to
o Fingerprint processing fee - $51.25 by credit/debit card of money order payable to 3M Cogent (no
checks or cash) submitted during fingerprint appointment

Once all requirements are met, the coach's name will be submitted to the School Board for approval. The coach may
not work with students until the approval process is completed.

A thletic Coaching Certification:
All coaches who do not hold a valid Florida Educator's Certificate must hold either a three-year or five-year Florida
Athletic Coaching Certificate.

Three-year Athletic Coaching Certificate:
Only one three-year, nonrenewable certificate covering Athletic Coaching may be issued to an individual who:
• Submits an application and processing fee, which is currently $75.00 (www.fldoe.org/edcert/apply.asp )
• Obtains employment and fingerprint results processed by FDLE and FBI. Fingerprints are processed after
an offer of employment is made and accepted.

Five-year Athletic Coaching Certificate:
A certificate valid for five years covering Athletic Coaching may be issued to an individual who:
• Submits an application and processing fee, which is currently $75.00 (www.fldoe.org/edcert/apply.asp )
• Satisfies specialization for the Athletic Coaching Endorsement (Rule 6A-4.0282) which includes the
following requirements:
o Three (3) semester hours in care and prevention of athletic injuries and the effects and dangers of
drug use including performance enhancing drugs,
o Three (3) semester hours in coaching theory,
o Three (3) semester hours in theory and practice of coaching a specific sport, and
o A valid cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate issued by the American Heart Association or the
American Red Cross.
• Obtains employment and fingerprints (processed by FDLE and FBI) no older than one year.

The course requirements may be met through college coursework or through the Athletic Coaching
Endorsement program approved through the School District of Indian River County's Master Inservice Plan.
For information regarding the coursework, please contact Professional Development at (772) 564-3032.

For more information on this position, please read the full description document.

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