Teacher\'s Aide (PreK or K) Full & Part Time Available

Chicago, IL, US
Jun 11, 2021
Grade Level
Early Childhood
Job Type
Position Type:
Support Staff/Teacher Assistant/Aide

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  • Location:
    42050 - St. James School, , Arlington Hts

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  • St. James School is looking for teacher's aides for the 2021-22 school year. There are full and part time positions available for PreK and Kindergarten. At St. James, we FIND A WAY to do what is best for our kids and we are looking for someone who believes in forming students in faith, academics, and character.

    St. James School is dedicated to partnering with parents in modeling Christ to teach our children to become disciples of Christ.

    We desire to provide a foundation through the teachings of the Catholic Church from which students will recognize and develop:

    • An academic culture of meaningful and lifelong learning
    • Their personal relationship with God through the sacraments, scripture, and prayer.?
    • Tools to shape beliefs, morals, and practices driven by Gospel values ?
    • We are called to walk in faith, live in hope, and act in love.

    Job Summary:

    • Working with the lead teacher to deliver lessons, create materials, work with small groups of students, or other tasks ion the classroom.
    • Monitor students for recess and other times throughout the day.
    • Building and maintaining a strong school culture centered around a Christ-Centered Culture of Joy.
    • To grow the student's personal relationship with Jesus and promote the Catholic faith in an authentic way.
    • Implementing academic and behavioral procedures in a positive manner in conjunction with our PBIS program.
    • Working collaboratively with colleagues to ensure the success of the school mission.
    • Participating in meetings and professional development when asked.

    Qualifications and Requirements
    • A Bachelor's Degree in either Education or a specific academic discipline is a plus.
    • Compliance with Archdiocese of Chicago Protecting God's Children guidelines.
    • Willing to comply with the teachings of the Catholic Church and is a Catholic in good standing.
    • Willing to facilitate extracurricular activities and participate in voluntary committees.

    Interested candidates should email Principal Michael Kendrick at mkendrick@stjamesschoolah.org directly with a resume & cover letter.

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