Principal 2021 - 2022 Base Calendar (221 Days)

Dallas, TX, US
Jun 09, 2021
Job Category
Administrator, Principal

Please note that there are two parts to the principal candidate pool application. The supplemental application will be emailed to you upon completion of your initial application in TMS. Your application for the 2021-2022 Principal Candidate Pool will not be considered complete until both the initial and the supplemental applications have been submitted. We recommend allocating approximately 30 minutes to complete both parts of the application.

“If you have already submitted a supplemental application for another principal posting, you do not have to do so again."

The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees on Jan. 28 adopted three calendars for the next two school years, with the majority of schools set to have a traditional calendar. Click the appropriate calendar below to see your campuses schedule for the 2021-2022 School Year:
    • Base Calendar
    • Intersession Calendar
    • School Day Redesign 1
    • School Day Redesign 2

Executive Leadership
The principal establishes and implements a shared vision and culture of collective responsibility with high expectations for staff and students.
• Establishes and maintains a shared vision of success
• Outlines and tracks clear goals, targets and strategies aligned to the school vision that continually improves teacher effectiveness and student outcomes.
• Establishes a culture of continuous improvement
• Develops and uses effective conflict-management and consensus-building skills
• Makes effective decisions that support campus and district goals
• Develops and implements strategic plans

Instructional Leadership
The principal develops and supports rigorous and coherent systems of curriculum, instruction and assessment ensuring each student’s success.
• Ensures a standards-based and aligned curriculum that meets the needs of all students and student groups
• Ensures the implementation of high-quality, effective classroom instructional strategies that improve performance of all students and student groups, ensuring equity and eliminating achievement gaps
• Coaches and develops teachers by providing actionable feedback to improve the quality of instruction
• Ensures the use of student level data to drive continuous improvement ensuring every student has sufficient opportunity to meet and exceed standards

Human Capital
The principal fosters and develops the highest level of professional capacity creating sustainable, collective effectiveness of all campus personnel.
• Recruits, hires, mentors and retains high-quality staff
• Conducts rigorous evaluations of staff for continuous improvement and accountability for results
• Trains, develops and supports a high-performing campus staff
• Develops leadership capacity of campus staff
• Establishes, trains, coaches and develops effective leadership teams

Strategic Operations
The principal strategically plans and ensures campus operations and resources promote the academic success and well-being of each student.
• Manages resources (people, financial, equipment) effectively to support the organizational goals
• Utilizes all funds in compliance with state and federal guidelines, while maximizing the goals of the campus
• Ensures campus facilities, equipment and support systems operate safely, efficiently and effectively
• Establishes organizational structures and practices for all stakeholders that result in the effective and efficient operation of the campus to ensure student achievement
• Maintains a supportive, secure and respectful learning environment that ensures the social, emotional and physical well-being of staff and students

Professional Responsibilities
The principal acts ethically and professionally, relentlessly pursuing continual improvement
• Develops and maintains positive relationships with all stakeholders
• Models and promotes the highest standard of conduct, ethical principles and integrity in decision-making, actions and behaviors
• Maintains personal and professional growth and meaningfully contributes to the growth of the profession


• Master's Degree in Education or a directly related field from an accredited university;
• Texas standard Principal certificate or mid-management certificate
• Five years experience in education
• Three years of the five years shall be successful experience in a leadership role
• Thorough knowledge of the principles, methods, strategies, goals and objectives of public education
• Knowledge of procedures, techniques and strategies pertaining to the administration of school level operation
• Ability to effectively plan, organize and coordinate the management functions and activities of school operation
• Ability to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision
• Ability to handle multiple priorities with frequent interruptions
• Ability to promote a positive, caring climate for learning
• Ability to effectively analyze problems, issues and concerns and formulate appropriate alternative solutions
• Ability to deal sensitively and fairly with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds
• Ability to interact effectively with student, staff, parents and community members
• Organizational, prioritization, communication and interpersonal skills required to achieve the goals of the position

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