1.0 FTE High School Science Teacher

Iowa City, IA, US
Jun 08, 2021
Job Category
Teaching, Science Teacher
Grade Level
High School
Job Type
Iowa City Community School District
General Science Teacher


  1. Valid Iowa Teaching Certificate.
  2. BA required, MA preferred.
  3. Endorsement in Basic Science or All Science (others as requested)
  4. Meets NCA requirements to teach.
  5. Experience preferred
  6. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the District may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal, Assistant Principal

JOB GOALS: To motivate each student to acquire the knowledge of scientific facts and principles, and skills in scientific methods of investigation; to discover and develop special student talents and interests in scientific fields. Generate and interest in science in order to enhance student learning, promote the overall efficiency of the school system, and maximize the educational opportunities available to each child.


  1. Teach skills, knowledge and scientific attitudes to secondary students, utilizing the Course of Study adopted by the Board of Directors of the Iowa City Community School District, as well as other appropriate learning activities and materials.
  2. Adapt science materials and methods to develop relevant sequential assignments that guide and challenge students.
  3. Implement an instructional program involving demonstrations, lectures, discussions, and student experiments; organizes laboratory activities for optimal learning.
  4. Instruct students in proper care, use and safe handling of scientific materials and equipment
  5. Provide safe storage and proper use of materials, equipment, and tools.
  6. Establish and maintain standards of student behavior needed to provide an orderly, productive environment.
  7. Communicate with parents and counselors regarding student progress.
  8. Supervise student in out-of-classroom activities.
  9. Identify student needs and cooperate with other staff members in helping students solve learning, attitude and health problems.
  10. Establish clear objectives for lessons and units and communicate those objectives to the students.
  11. Attend staff meetings and in-service activities as required.
  12. Maintain professional competence through professional growth activities.
  13. Interpret grading policies and building policies in the district's instructional program to parents and the community.
  14. Maintain accurate, complete records of student attendance and progress.
  15. Provide students with immediate, specific feedback regarding their academic progress.
  16. Keeps appropriate records and follows established building grading procedures and expectations.
  17. Fulfill conditions of employment outlined in the negotiated agreement.
  18. Assume additional responsibilities and duties as assigned by the principal.
  19. Other duties as assigned

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 186/184 Contract Days. Salary and calendar year to be established by the Board of Education.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the District's policy on Evaluation, State Statute, and any applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.