After-School Program Teacher Part-Time- Robotics (2021-2022)

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The Syracuse City School District is undergoing a new phase of innovation and transformation with the goal of ensuring that all students graduate high school with the skills needed to be ready for college and career. For Syracuse, all means all - including students who fall behind or have been considered "hard to serve" for a host of reasons. The School Board and Syracuse community have charged Superintendent Jaime Alicea with improving student achievement, and he is seeking a dedicated and diverse team of school leaders and teachers to partner with him in moving the district toward its goals. The Syracuse City School District represents 34 schools and 4 alternative education programs, serving 21,000+ students Pre-K-12 of whom 77% qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, 18% are served by the Office of Special Education and 78% are students of color.


The Syracuse City School District After-School Programs are dynamic extensions of learning that are aligned with our District's mission to: help build, support and sustain school communities that provide all students with a high-quality education that prepares them to graduate as responsible, active citizens ready for success in college and career and prepare to compete in a global economy.


The District seeks certified teachers, highly qualified teaching assistants or degreed individuals who will work directly with students (in-person or virtually) to deliver a robotics club at a participating middle-level after-school program. For in-person services, candidates should have the ability to model how to program and build structurally sound VEX robotics including the functions of power source, sensors, motors and structural members of a robot and support students in building and programming their own. For virtual instruction, candidates should have the ability to utilize virtual robotics programs (selected by the District) to assist students with creating virtual robotic activities. Additionally, they should have the following skills:
  • Required: ability to acquire a working knowledge of VEX robotics, virtual robotics programs, problem-solving skills, and simple computer programming skills;
  • Required: strong teamwork and interpersonal skills; ability to work with middle-level students at class size of two adults to fifteen students (in-person) and virtual classrooms may vary; and
  • For in-person and virtual services, candidate will supervise students at robotics competitions, may include paid hours outside of program and/or weekend(s) for training and competitions.

Candidates will work directly with students, facilitate group activities, produce in-person and/or virtual lesson plans and instructional delivery, provide focused individual attention and foster strong relationships that positively influence children's lives. Extensions are being offered to qualified staff for up to 15 hours per week (depending on staffing needs). Programs will run for 90-107 program days, generally Monday through Friday, according to a predetermined afterschool calendar. In-person class sizes are one teacher to up to fifteen students and virtual class sizes can vary. The after school program will be led and facilitated by a designed SCSD Program Lead and supervised by a SCSD Building Administrator.

REPORTS TO: Designated SCSD Program Lead

  • Provide classroom instruction (in-person or virtual pending State guidelines) to program participants during the after-school program;
  • Create daily class lesson plans and submit to the Program's Lead Teacher in advance of lesson delivery;
  • Provide high quality, project-based, academic classes aligned to grade-level curriculum and the Next Generation Learning Standards to include services such as: academic instruction in ELA, math and science, intervention and acceleration models, tutorial through SCSD approved teacher models, and interactive project-based learning;
  • Create a classroom (in-person or virtual) environment that is conducive to learning and grade-level appropriate;
  • Guide the learning process toward the achievement of the program goals and objectives as provided by the Program Lead;
  • Employ instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting lesson objectives;
  • Follow all school, after-school, and classroom (in-person and virtual) procedures;
  • Incorporate SCSD day and after-school social emotional learning strategies (where appropriate);
  • Maintain a neat and orderly classroom, being respectful of day school teacher's classroom and SCSD property;
  • Attend mandatory professional development training when offered;
  • Complete annual staff survey; and
  • Deliver instruction in-person or virtual and use classroom management strategies aligned with the SCSD's Code of Conduct, Character and Supports.

  • Interested in serving Syracuse City students in an after-school setting at one of the 17 after-school programs.
  • NYS Certified Teacher (preferred)
  • NYS Certified Teaching Assistant

  • Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Baccalaureate Degree
  • The successful candidate will be required to pass a fingerprint-based background check, at the cost of $102.00 to the candidate.
  • City Residents are encouraged to apply!

  • All After-School Teachers are paid the current Unit 1 extension rate.

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