Summer 2021 Special Education Extended School Year Services Paraeducator

Iowa City, IA, US
May 26, 2021
Job Type
Iowa City Community School District
Extended School Year Services Summer 2021 Special Education Paraeducator -


  1. Forty-eight credit hours post-secondary, Local Formal Assessment (may be obtained pending hire) or Para certification
  2. Previous experience working with children preferred but not required
  3. Post-secondary coursework in educational field preferred but not required
  4. Initiative to be a self-starter
  5. Intuitive to the needs of the student
  6. Ability to work well with classroom teacher, support staff, administrators, AEA and parents of student as part of an educational team
  7. Ability to be flexible in assignment given
  8. Ability to use good judgment when unexpected problems arise
  9. Ability to use office equipment
  10. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the District may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Extended Year Special Education Coordinator, District Administrators, and/or Principal(s)

JOB GOALS: Throughout the summer, as dictated by student need, assist teachers in the instruction, supervision and care of students with disabilities in a variety of instructional settings, including special education, general education and work/community settings in order to enhance student learning, promote the overall efficiency of the school system, and maximize the educational opportunities available to each child.


Any or all of the following duties may apply to a specific paraeducator position, depending on the needs of the student and the operation of the educational setting.
  1. Attend work on a prompt and regular basis.
  2. Maintain confidentiality.
  3. Maintain satisfactory and harmonious working relationships with the public, students, and other employees.
  4. Assist special education teacher with educational activities.
  5. Take directions from teachers, building administrators.
  6. Follow behavior management plans for individual students.
  7. Maintain students' daily behavior logs.
  8. Assist in the implementation and monitoring of students' Individual Education Plans.
  9. Prepare and organize instructional materials and equipment.
  10. Perform personal care duties for students with disabilities as needed.
  11. Prepare and supervise students in bus loading/unloading. May include riding the bus, supervising students, collecting daily logs and implementing behavior intervention plan.
  12. Assist in maintaining a safe and orderly instructional environment.
  13. Assist in implementing school-wide and classroom consistent behavior management strategies and procedures.
  14. Clarify and reinforce teacher directions
  15. Assist with instruction in the community setting as required.
  16. Assist students with assignments.
  17. Reinforce skills taught by the teacher.
  18. Listen to students read/read to students.
  19. Chart/graph student performance..
  20. Organize daily student work folders.
  21. Address and provide physical and health supports (feeding and toileting).
  22. Under teacher direction, implement specific strategies to maintain/increase appropriate behavior and de-escalate inappropriate behavior.
  23. Supervise students in community/work settings.
  24. Lift, carry and correctly position students with physical disabilities.
  25. Report to the work site for the established working hours.
  26. Attend 4 hours planning prior to program start.
  27. Other duties as assigned by building Principal or teachers.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Paid hourly rate for number of hours worked, based on student need.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the District's policy on Evaluation, State Statute, and any applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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