Math Instructional Specialist at Propel Homestead

Homestead, PA, United States
May 26, 2021

Organization Overview:

Propel Schools is the largest network of public charter schools in Allegheny County consisting of 13 schools and approximately 4,000 scholars.Our mission is to provide high-quality schools to underserved communities. Each of our schools provide a rigorous academic environment and small class sizes where educators focus on providing each scholar with support and individualized attention. With one of the top starting teacher salaries in Allegheny County, a customizable benefits package and extraordinary career and professional development opportunities, Propel Schools is one of the area’s premier education organizations.

Performance Responsibilities:
  • Administer diagnostic assessments to all students who have been identified by benchmark data.
  • Gather, organize, and interpret assessment data on identified students.
  • Utilize best practice instructional strategies and research-based intervention methods and strategies to meet the learning needs of identified students.
  • Model the use of intervention strategies, through their use in the classroom, to general and special education educators.
  • Co-teach or support groups of students in mathematics classrooms alongside the classroom teacher.
  • Attend professional development opportunities that promote improved instructional strategies and support researched-based resource materials needed to implement the intervention program successfully and support/maintain professional growth.
  • Communicate regularly with the Assistant Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and utilize the support and feedback provided to improve practice.
  • Perform any other task as determined by the Assistant Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

Outline of Job Scope:
  • May provide school support with an arrival and/or dismissal duty. Instructional specialists will utilize all instructional school hours for student instruction and meaningful planning and peer collaboration.
  • Instructional Specialists are to instruct students performing below grade level. All school hours will be used for assessment, instruction, progress monitoring, and planning. The specialist may elect to support other opportunities (making copies, bulletin boards, etc.) within the school, but outside of instructional time (8:30-3:30).
  • As per Federal Programs Regulations, individuals paid with federal funds are not permitted to perform duties outside their job descriptions. They are required to sign Time Certifications verifying their time was spent fulfilling their outlined responsibilities. Therefore, Instructional Specialists can not be utilized as substitute teachers and/or be pulled from their assigned responsibilities. This would be against Federal Regulations, defeat the purpose of the position, and undervalue the needs of identified students.
  • Specialists will maintain a strict daily/weekly schedule to ensure that all students on their caseloads are serviced consistently. The specialist will inform the Assistant Director immediately if he/she is requested to disregard student services and perform another duty within the school.
  • Attend mandatory Mathematics Instructional Specialists professional development meetings dispersed throughout the year to collaborate, share successes/concerns, and revisit training or strategic needs.
  • Instructional Specialist services are not replacements for general or special education; rather supplemental interventions for struggling students.
  • Maintain organized and updated schedules, session documents and data records on each student.

  • A passion for mathematics teaching and learning
  • Knowledge of the PA Core or Common Core Standards for Mathematics
  • An associate’s (or higher) degree or Completion of two years of study at an institution of higher learning
  • PA Teaching Certification K-6, 4-8, 7-9 or 7-12 Math preferred
  • Meeting a rigorous standard of quality that demonstrates, through a formal assessment, knowledge of and the ability to assist in mathematics instruction or mathematics readiness
  • Education related Field or Work Experience
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a non-traditional, Urban education environment

Salary Range: $31,000-$37,000

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