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Yerington Intermediate SPED Resource Teacher 2021/22

Lyon County School District
Yerington, NV, US
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Job Details

Position Type:
Teaching-Special Education/Resource Teacher

Date Posted:

Yerington Intermediate

Date Available:

Closing Date:
Open until filled

Range $42,079-$75,528 annually with Employer-paid retirement, dependent upon previous experience

Terms of Employment: 9 Months or (185/187 Days)
FLSA STATUS: NON-EXEMPT, This is a salaried position assigned to the Licensed Employee Salary Schedule.

POSITION SUMMARY: The special education teacher is responsible for establishing teaching strategies which are goal oriented and based upon proven instructional techniques that are designed to benefit students with disabilities within the educational setting. Works under the direct supervision and is evaluated by of the school administrator.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:This list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.
  1. Follows mandated compliance standards established by the Federal, the State, or the District regulations.
  2. Utilizes District curriculum guides, standardized tests, and special education teacher-prepared criterion referenced test results for meeting individual needs.
  3. Evaluates goals and modified plans when necessary.
  4. Develops and executes appropriate lesson strategies which will guide instruction on a daily basis to accomplish long-range goals.
  5. Develops organized plans designed to assist a substitute special education teacher in finding class lists, inclusion and/or resource schedules, seating charts, materials, and lesson plans.
  6. Demonstrates the knowledge and application of the concepts, processes, and facts necessary to the proper implementation of IEP goals and objectives.
  7. Recognizes the relationship of his/her program with other disciplines, and stresses the interrelationships of all disciplines while teaching.
  8. Plans for and participates in professional improvement activities and takes advantage of courses, readings, in-service training, and conferences in his/her area of specialization and competency.
  9. Gives written and oral directions that are clear, concise, and appropriate and/or modifies written and oral directions so that students can benefit from the general education curriculum.
  10. Guides the learning process toward the achievement of IEP goals by establishing clear objectives and by effectively implementing the criteria described in these objectives to the students.
  11. Remains aware of and utilizes appropriate questioning strategies that enhance student participation and success and the development of thinking skills.
  12. Develops and/or utilizes data about students' needs and progress. (Samples may include records indicating the level of attainment of each pupil, diagnostic tests, psychological tests, anecdotal records, student objective cards, and pupils' written contributions.) The special education teacher reports this data to parents in a manner consistent with the reporting of student progress used in the general education classroom.
  13. Assesses the needs of students as individuals and provides learning activities that are appropriate and sufficiently varied to meet the learning styles of each student on his/her caseload.
  14. Utilizes individual student interests and physical/mental aptitudes to promote a desire to learn.
  15. Assigns and monitors homework, when appropriate, as an extension and reinforcement of classroom learning activities.
  16. Informs students of their progress through various means of assessment such as grading, evaluation, and testing in a timely manner.
  17. Recognizes encouragement and positive reinforcement techniques as effective motivational factors.
  18. Provides learning experiences so that students are encouraged to assume responsibilities toward self-direction. (Samples may include independent study programs, small group leadership activities, and student initiated activities.)
  19. Utilizes bulletin boards, displays, interest centers and other motivational materials and/or techniques to promote student learning and feeling tone without creating an over-stimulating environment, which would detract from student achievement.
  20. Demonstrates acceptable command of the English language in written and oral communication.
  21. Establishes clear limits of behavior; students know the consequences of exceeding those limits, and the special education teacher explains fully to students what is expected from them in the school environment. The special education teacher defers to individual behavior plans in order to guide students toward appropriate behavior.
  22. Promotes self-discipline and responsibility in students by monitoring expected behavior and utilizing appropriate responses (shouting, sarcasm, and belittling comments are not acceptable.)
  23. Helps students improve their self-image by helping them grow in their understanding of their capabilities and limitations. The special education teacher utilizes student's area of strength most frequently and discourages continued focus on the students' area of weakness.
  24. Creates an atmosphere in which students perceive that the special education teacher cares about what and how they learn.
  25. Promotes purposeful activity in the classroom and reasonable interchange among students working cooperatively in learning activities while at the same time individualized instruction may be taking place and the cooperative learning activity is not adversely affecting the individualized learning activity.
  26. Creates an atmosphere where students feel free to express their views, and encourages respect for their rights, opinions, property, and contributions of others.
  27. Carries out clerical duties such as attendance, budgeting of materials, recording of grades, etc., promptly and accurately.
  28. Communicates with parents to foster a constructive parent-special education teacher relationship and to provide parents with an awareness of student progress and individual/family rights as they relate to special education.
  29. Promotes a professional attitude toward the schools, school board, administration, other staff members, and the community.
  30. Works effectively with other staff members in order to achieve student success within an inclusionary model which entails frequent, constructive communication, shared lesson planning, assistance or guidance in modification techniques and shared responsibility of instruction.
  31. Prompt in arriving at school, classes and meetings, and observes other required time schedule.
  32. Recognizes the importance of regular attendance to the instruction program and that consistent absenteeism will impair the continuity of that program.
  33. Consistent in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations, and board policies.
  34. Maintains strict confidentiality with regards to records and information that has been obtained in the course of professional service with respect to students, parents, and other staff members, unless disclosure serves professional purposes or is required by law.
  1. Knowledge of CPR/AED and Universal Precautions.
  2. Ability to work effectively with special needs students.
  3. Ability to interpret and apply oral and written instructions.
  4. Ability to perform several tasks and determine priorities.
  5. Ability to deal with unusual behavior and crisis situations.
  6. Ability to learn and apply school rules, regulations, and procedures.
  7. Ability to complete routine records.
  8. Ability to recognize and report hazards and apply safe work methods.
  9. Possess physical and mental stamina commensurate with the responsibilities of the position.
  10. Willingness to attend trainings as it relates to implementation of IEPs.
Education and Training:
Bachelor's Degree from accredited college or university.
Licenses and Certifications: Must possess or be able to acquire a Nevada teaching license issued by the Nevada Department of Education and be certified in the relevant subject area.

Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications as listed on the appropriate position vacancy announcement.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL REQUIREMENTS: The physical and mental requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.

Strength, dexterity, coordination, and vision to use keyboard and video display terminal for prolonged periods. Strength and stamina to bend, stoop, sit, and stand for long periods of time. Dexterity and coordination to handle files and single pieces of paper; occasional lifting of files, stacks of paper or reports, references, student work, and other materials. Some reaching for items above and below waist and head level. Some reaching, bending, squatting, and stooping to assist students access files, student work, and other items is necessary. The manual dexterity and cognitive ability to operate a personal computer and other educational technology (LCD projector, SmartBoard, iPads/Tablets, augmentative communication devices, etc.) to enhance student learning. Involves hearing and speech to communicate in person or over the telephone. Must have the ability to lift 50 pounds or 1/3 body weight, whichever is greater, to waist height, perform a 2 to 3 person lift, and the ability to restrain student(s) as needed and in accordance with state regulations.

In compliance with applicable disability laws, reasonable accommodations may be provided for qualified individuals with a disability who require and request such accommodations. Incumbents and individuals who have been offered employment are encouraged to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

Work is performed under the following conditions: Exposure to climate controlled classroom settings to outside weather with temperatures ranging from mild/moderate to extreme cold/heat. May involve exposure to noise levels ranging from moderate to very loud on occasional to frequent time periods. May involve work in crowded environments. May involve frequent to moderate lifting and other physical demands.
Hazards: Stress, anxiety, verbal and physical aggression. Classroom furniture, playground/office equipment, blood borne pathogens, communicable diseases, chemicals (as related to specific assignment), and power/hand operated equipment and machinery (as related to specific assignment).

Equal Opportunity Employer
The Lyon County School District is an equal opportunity employer and will not knowingly discriminate in any area of employment. Those include discriminatory recruiting and hiring practices against any United States citizen or legal alien on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, marital status, national or ethnic origin, disability, or any other protected class and shall extend to working conditions, training, promotion, and terms and conditions of employment.

Individuals with a disability who require reasonable accommodation(s) during any step of the screening process or who have questions about qualifications should notify a representative in Human Resources. Notification may be made in person, in writing, or by calling: (775) 463-6800.


We are Lyon County School District located in Northern Nevada.
Our vision... Graduate all students to be successful in college and career.
Our Mission... Provide relevant learning opportunities that develop adaptable, persistent, and self-directed learners capable of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking necessary to overcome complex challenges.

Lyon County School District, with over 8,500 students and 1,100 staff members is the fourth largest school district in Nevada. LCSD is comprised of 18 schools located in five unique attendance areas including Dayton, Fernley, Silver Springs, Smith Valley and Yerington. Each school boasts highly qualified instructional leaders accompanied by caring and dedicated staff, who work tirelessly to ensure the learning needs of each student are realized. The district motto of “Every Student…Every Classroom…Every Day” comes to life when you step into the classroom and see students engaged in rigorous learning opportunities. 

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