PK-12 Speech Language Pathologist at District - Office of Specialized Instruction

Providence, RI, US
May 12, 2021
Position Type:
School Support Personnel/Speech Pathologists

Date Posted:

Admin Special Education

Administration - Office of Specialized Instruction - District - PK-Team 100 %
PK-12 Speech Pathologist

Job ID: 3358

Job Description

(Contingent upon funding) - Full time permanent teaching position beginning at the start of the 21/22 school year

Resume and cover letter required.

***Accommodations for virtual interviews will be made during this hiring season, please apply***

Under direction of the Special Education Administrator and Consistent with the Providence Public Schools' vision and mission, the speech language pathologist works in partnership with parents, students, and educators to promote student achievement.

Additionally, School Psychologist will:
  • participates in admission, review and dismissal committees regarding students, parents, and staff in assigned schools

Roles & Responsibilities
  • The primary responsibility of a speech language pathologist is to screen, evaluate and provide appropriate services to students with communications disorders(articulation, voice, language, and fluency) and help each student reach his/her maximum potential to understand and use speech in a meaningful way.Administer speech and language screening procedures; evaluating, as requested, the speech and language of each referred student with suspected communication disorders; reporting and interpreting findings to the team of qualified professionals;Utilize a variety of measures, both formal and informal, that are appropriate for evaluating the various communication disorders; writing evaluations which are clear and objective;Develop clear, behaviorally stated goals and objectives for each student recommended for speech and language remediation based on evaluative data;Implement the Individual Educational plan for each student served, and periodically evaluating the effectiveness of that plan; developing and maintaining a regularly scheduled speech and language program;Participate as a member of the Team of Qualified Professionals and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team contributing evaluation findings, collaborating on the development of the IEP, diagnosing students' eligibility consistent with District, federal and state policies, procedures and regulations;Participate in timely computer logging services for Medicaid billing, use the web-based IEP system, and participate in the time studies for administrative Medicaid claiming as scheduled;Adhere to requirement and state and federal laws regarding students with disabilities;Maintain web based portfolio for students assigned to case-load as appropriate;Proficient in language of instructionImplement reasonable appropriate time allocation for observation, testing, case management and paperwork associated with providing necessary services and support to students;Assist in assessing identifying and maintaining assistive technology equipment and supplies to meet the goals and objectives of students' IEP;Collaborate with and provide consultation to classroom teachers, parents, caregivers and other school staff members to implement and integrate therapy strategies across all settings; including appropriate classroom modification and progress of students;Participate in school-based problem solving teams in identifying at-risk students experiencing expressive or receptive language delays, assists in designing and implementing research-based interventions, and monitor students progress;Develop individual or group activities and programs in schools to deal with speech, language, or swallowing disorders;Document observational notes to portfolios of students;Attend professional meetings scheduled for speech-language pathologists; participate in planned in-service/professional growth activities;Perform other duties and tasks as assigned.

Salary Rate Range
Teacher Salary Scale

RIDE Requirements
PK-12 Speech Language Pathologist

ESL Preferred

Minimum Qualifications
  • Masters or equivalency in speech language pathology:Ability to screen, evaluates, diagnose, and remediate communication disorders of students, three to twenty-one years of age. Ability to develop and implement appropriate goals and objectives for each individual student and to select and utilize therapeutic materials effectively with individuals and small groups of students.Good communication and human relations skills needed in order to implement consultative program with classroom teachers and parents.Ability to work effectively and cooperatively as a member of the Team of Qualified Professionals and other school based teams to implement administrative policies and procedures.Formulate concise clinical reports and maintain complete longitudinal records on each student served.Demonstrated proficiency with PC-based computer applications, Microsoft Office applications, email, web applications, and industry specific technology.You must complete the new hire compliance training prior to your first day of employment

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